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SCP-4588-7 "Taste testing" a D-Class' hand.

Item #: SCP-4588

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered instances of SCP-4588 are to be stored in medium to large size clear plastic containers, kept in standard Safe-containment lockers. Alternatively, instances may be kept in closed-top glass terrariums. They are to be fed twice a day, using any available organic waste from the Site.

Description: SCP-4588 are a group of fifteen currently captured sentient entities, labeled SCP-4588-1 to SCP-4588-15. The instances' physical appearance is identical to that of plastic bags and crumpled paper, found commonly across urban centers and environments. SCP-4588 displays no visible means of locomotion; despite this, SCP-4588 seems to possess the ability to drift and float around environments without any wind currents or outward stimuli.

All known physical appearances of SCP-4588 are as follows:

  • Colored plastic bags of various brands
  • Newspaper issues dating as far back as 19██
  • Takeout bags and food wraps of various brands
  • Large colored garbage bags

SCP-4588 instances are extremely docile, and do not seem to react to any non-harmful stimuli. Instead, they will glide across their current habitat in search of food. Instances have been subjected to sub-zero temperatures, and will reanimate upon reaching any temperature above 0°C, resuming their seemingly aimless travel. As an instance cools down, its movement will gradually slow, and the instance will crumple itself up, before ceasing all movement. Instances show surprising flexibility despite their frozen state, and can be further crumpled and unraveled without tearing or breaking apart. Conversely, when heated, instances speed will increase, and if given the opportunity, will seek to escape the source of heat. This is theorized to be a form of self-preservation, as SCP-4588 has shown a susceptibility to fire1.

SCP-4588 instances have been observed to reproduce asexually. However, the method through which reproduction is achieved remains unknown. An instance will separate itself from others, usually into a corner or other enclosed area, and will slowly crumple into a small ball. After a varying length of time2, the instance will slowly unravel, a smaller instance of SCP-4588 rolling out of it, and immediately displaying behavior similar to that of other SCP-4588 instances. The appearance of the newly birthed instance will vary greatly, and no known pattern to the physical appearance of newborn instances has been observed. In 80% of cases, the newborn SCP-4588 measures at approximately half the size of its parent instance, and will grow to maturity over a period of 36 hours, at the end of which becoming identical in size to its parent instance.

Attempts to dissect and observe SCP-4588's anatomy have provided inconclusive results. All dissected instances of SCP-4588 have shown no anomalous qualities, and appear to be made of standard paper, plastic, and ink, dependent on the material they currently replicate.

Instances of SCP-4588 do not require water and can go for extended periods of time in extreme conditions with little to no food source. The longest recorded period being approximately seventy-two days, after which the instance ceased all movement and lost all anomalous properties, presumably becoming deceased. The entities feed by enveloping small objects with their body, completely wrapping the object in an airtight seal, and consuming them instantaneously. No trace of the object is left behind, and instances have not shown a preference between rotting or fresh foods. It is to be noted that the entities can only consume objects that which they can fully surround, as they seem to be unable to consume things partially.

Instances of SCP-4588 have also been observed to "taste test" new and unusual objects that they come across in different environments. Once an unfamiliar object is noticed by the entity, it will float over to it and form its airtight seal on the object, before unwrapping and resuming its flight if it finds the object to be inedible. Human subjects that have had their extremities go under this process have described the feeling similar to that of being tickled, and zero cases have shown an instance consuming any contacted parts of the subject. This, paired with SCP-4588's extremely docile nature, makes it of little threat to humans and other large living organisms3.

SCP-4588 was initially discovered on ██/██/2016 when a Field Agent noticed a paper bag blowing across a road in the city of ██████, ██████. The bag drifted toward a flock of pigeons and wrapped itself around a lone bird, leaving behind zero trace of the creature. The bag then continued to float down the street, showing no signs of the bird being captured inside the bag. The instance was swiftly and easily detained by the agent soon after, and brought to the Foundation for containment. All agents assigned to urban environments are to carefully observe any airborne trash they come across, due to the possibility of a stray instance of SCP-4588.

Addendum 4588.1: On ██/██/2017, D-45881 was instructed to enter a temporary containment chamber, with all recovered instances of SCP-4588 inside. D-45881 was instructed to capture an instance, and attempt to ignite it with the matches provided to him. Upon catching an instance and striking the match, the instance appeared to show distress, and attempted to tear itself free of D-45881's grip. Upon ignition, the instance let out a high-pitched squeal, and burned up in approximately 3 seconds. At the sound of the scream, all other instances of SCP-4588(34 at the time) ceased aimless drift and began to soar towards D-45881, beginning to cover his body entirely. D-45881 was soon overwhelmed by the instances, and was unable to remove them from himself. After approximately 3 minutes of struggle, D-45881 became completely enveloped in SCP-4588 instances. D-45881 was then presumably consumed by the instances, as they began to disperse from D-45881's last known location, leaving no trace of him behind.

Instances were observed to be unusually hostile towards all personnel entering the temporary containment cell for approximately 24 hours after this event, attempting to envelop personnel entering the chamber similarly to D-45881. Instances continue to show hostility and fear towards individuals who come into proximity with a box of matches or items similar in appearance.

Since this event, SCP-4588 instances have also been limited to fifteen in their containment lockers at any time, additional instances spawned are to be incinerated in a separate cell to prevent possible events.

Addendum 4588.2: On ██/██/2018, authorities in the town of ██████, ███████ were alerted to a disappearance of a child by his father. Upon arriving on the scene, the father who had called in appeared to be in hysterics while clutching a large plastic garbage bag in his hands. After being calmed down, the man was taken in for questioning and gave the following interview.

Interviewed: Mr. ████ ██████

Interviewer: Field Agent █████ under the pseudonym of Police Officer ████

Foreword: Mr. ██████ was brought in for questioning at the nearest police station immediately following the incident, and was allowed adequate time to attempt to gather himself before giving a statement.

<Begin Log>

Officer ████: Alright Mr. ██████, could you please tell me the sequence of events that led to your son's disappearance?

Mr. ██████: Yes, yes, alright. I-It was Saturday afternoon. My son and I, heh, we had the day off so we figured we'd spend the day outside, y'know? Enjoy some time in the sun together.

Officer ████: I understand, Mr. ██████. Please continue.

Mr. ██████: S-So anyway. We were tossing a football around, trying out long passes, throwing backwards, just a father and son hanging out, classic, right? Heh..

Officer ████: Please stay on topic Mr. ██████.

Mr. ██████: I know. I'm sorry. Okay. A few minutes had passed, and out of the corner of my eye. I noticed something black, moving towards us. I took a quick glance after I returned the ball to my, my…

Officer ████: Mr. ██████?

Mr. ██████: Hm? Oh. Right right. Okay.

(Mr. ██████ takes a deep breath before continuing.)

Mr. ██████: I-It was just a big garbage bag, floating in the wind. I thought nothing of it. Who would? J-Just a garbage bag…

Officer ████: Mr. ██████, I know this must be very difficult for you, but I need you to stay focused and explain what happened, this information is crucial to helping us locate your lost little boy.

Mr. ██████: I know. I know. I'm sorry. It came over to us. I thought the wind was just blowing it, but, b-but there wasn't any wind. Not even a breeze.

(Mr. ██████ takes another deep breath and wipes his face before continuing)

Mr. ██████: My son, h-he just laughed as it flew into him, laughed as it enveloped him. I, I laughed too, and stepped towards him, t-to pull it off y'know? Kids can choke, suffocate, ya…

(Mr. ██████ begins to tear up and cry lightly as he continues speaking.)

Mr. ██████: I-I, I pulled it off. And he wasn't there. He was [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] gone. My son. My pride and joy, [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] gone in the blink of an eye. I looked through that bag, again and a-again. B-But he was gone. Just gone.

Officer ████: Thank you for your time, Mr. ██████, this interview is over, a ride has been arranged for you.

(Officer ████ stands up to leave.)

Mr. ██████: E-Excuse me?

(Mr. ██████ wipes his face and looks up at Officer ████, visibly confused.)

Officer ████: I said we are done with this interview, you may leave, Mr. ██████.

Mr. ██████: I mean, that's all? I just told you my son disappeared inside a garbage bag, and that's it?

Officer ████: Well-

(Mr. ██████ cuts off Officer ████ before he can reply.)

Mr. ██████: No, no no no! You know something else, don't you?

(Mr. ██████ raises his voice tone and begins crying as he speaks)

Mr. ██████: You didn't bat an eye when I told that entire story, you know something else. You know what happened to my son! Tell me!

(Mr. ██████ stands up from his chair and makes a motion towards Officer ████, two additional officers enter the room and restrain Mr. ██████. The interview is then ended.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [Following the interview, Mr. ██████ was administered a Class-B Amnestic and led to believe his son had been abducted that day, and an investigation is still ongoing. The garbage bag mentioned was confiscated by the Foundation and later identified as an instance of SCP-4588. The new instance is kept in a large plastic container, and has been labelled SCP-4588-1]

According to the father of the lost child, his son weighed approximately 23 kg, and had a height of approximately 1.3 m. SCP-4588-1 itself measures at 1.4 m in length and 52 cm in width, and has not shown any growth since being brought into containment.

All instances of SCP-4588, save for SCP-4588-1, have been given new diets in attempt to discern if excessive growth is caused by specific foods or large amounts of food consumed.

The list of known physical appearances of SCP-4588 has since been updated, as well as SCP-4588's object class. Field Agents assigned to urban and suburban areas have been instructed to watch for any similar unique instances, as well as to closely investigate missing children and animal cases in order to prevent further possible events.

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