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SCP-4585 during initial discovery

Item Number: SCP-4585

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4585 is to be stored within a soundproofed containment cell at Site-50. Interaction with SCP-4585 requires Level 2 or higher security clearance.

Description: SCP-4585, physically, is a standard hamburger made by the Steak 'n Shake Corporation. SCP-4585 is sapient, and can speak in German via a voice of unknown origin. This voice has reached a maximum of 142 dB. SCP-4585 is also capable of using the five senses1 and will not decompose. SCP-4585 can voluntarily cause SCP-4585-1 manifestation events, but is unable to cause a manifestation event if less than one month has elapsed since the last one. SCP-4585-1 manifestation events can number a maximum of 25 manifestations.

Physically, SCP-4585-1 instances are smaller than SCP-4585, but otherwise identical. In addition to SCP-4585's anomalous properties, SCP-4585-1 instances also possess the ability to generate french fries. They utilize said french fries in a similar fashion to a throwing spear. SCP-4585-1 instances use telekinesis to throw these weapons, but have not shown this ability on other objects. The french fry will demanifest after it is thrown.

In the event that the meat of an SCP-4585-1 instance is completely separated from the rest of the rest of the hamburger, all anomalous effects of that individual instance will cease. It is presumed that a similar effect takes place on SCP-4585 itself.

Neither SCP-4585 or SCP-4585-1 instances are capable of locomotion.

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