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3/4583 LEVEL 3/4583
Item #: SCP-4583



Special Containment Procedures:

A viable sample of SCP-4583 is currently kept suspended in a liquid nitrogen canister in Cold Locker 289-V in the Anomalous Biohazard Storage wing of Site-17. Access for testing purposes must be cleared by at least one Level 5/4583 senior researcher and the item's HMCL Supervisor (Currently Dr. Raj Samra, L5/Δ).

Testing must be carried out under Bio Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) conditions to prevent unauthorized infection. Infected cultures in vitro may be retained for no longer than 48 hours prior to incineration. Instances of SCP-4583-1 are to be placed under quarantine from the time of infection until 24 hours after the cessation of symptoms, subjected to amnestic therapy sufficient to eradicate all memories of the symptomatic period, and released under cover story ID-051. Level 2 + Foundation Assets who are infected may be furnished cover story AnID-012 at HMCL discretion.

To prevent the creation of SCP-4583-2, no more than 2 SCP-4583-1 instances may be intentionally created at any time for any reason. In case of accidental infection, no more than 3 SCP-4583-1 instances may be allowed informational contact with one another until amnestic therapy is complete.

Personnel with Level 5/Δ clearance may access Document 4583-Syn-L for further handling instructions.

Warning: This document contains several antimemetic redaction agents capable of restricting the ability for SCP Foundation assets of clearance Level 4 or lower from perceiving this document in its totality. If you are perceiving this message without requisite clearance, please close this file and report to Dr. Raj Samra immediately. Failure to comply may result in permanent cognitive impairment.


SCP-4583 is an anomalous, highly contagious strain of Influenza A (H1N1). Initial infection of SCP-4583 progresses similarly to other, non-anomalous strains. Symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, head/body ache, nausea, upper respiratory irritation, and fever.

SCP-4583-1 designates any symptomatic carrier of SCP-4583. Anomalous properties manifest only after the onset of fever3, approximately 18 hours after initial infection. During times of sufficient autonomic stress (intense coughing, sneezing, or vomiting) SCP-4583-1 instances are subject to random cognitive temporal displacement. SCP-4583-1 will not relocate, duplicate, manifest or de-manifest during these events; the mechanism for displacement appears to be cognitive causal restructuring[1].

Displacement events experienced by SCP-4583-1, while unpredictable, will never extend beyond the period of infection. Instances of SCP-4583-1 report the experience as a disordering of the normal progression of events which are often disorienting and uncomfortable. Sedation during the symptomatic period of SCP-4583 infection has thus far been effective in eliminating this discomfort.

SCP-4583-2 designates the content of an unknown informational paradox event capable of permanently decoupling human cognition from the experience of personal temporality. Manifestation of SCP-4583-2 requires informational contact between at least 4 instances of SCP-4583-1 for a period greater than 24 consecutive hours. Individuals exposed to SCP-4583-2 vary in their reaction to this decoupling from aloof curiosity to complete executive failure. In fewer than 20% of recorded cases, infected individuals have exhibited violent behavior and self mutilation, presumably due to cognitive overload. Members of RCT-Δt have proven most resilient during infection, and retain apparently unhindered cognitive function, presumably due to previous exposure to Displacement Agent XA-1780-T and related memetic temporal displacement methods. Despite granting verified ability to recall events which have not yet taken place and reliably relay information about those events, SCP-4583-2 confers no ability to alter the course of future events. Instances universally report their experience of time as "static" or "unchanging". Administration of Class A amnestic therapy has proven universally effective in neutralizing SCP-4583-2.


On 23/08/2003, after a routine LKI4 anomalous retrieval mission, Agent Arthur Blanchard of RCT-Δt reported to Site-17 infirmary during the onset of flu-like symptoms in accordance with post-displacement bio safety protocol. Without prior warning, Agent Blanchard became agitated and requested that he be placed "back in containment" immediately. When informed he had never previously been placed in containment, Agent Blanchard became increasingly insistent until Site-17 medical staff complied with his request. Once contained, Agent Blanchard became agitated again and expressed confusion as to his whereabouts and status, insisting that he had made no such request and needed to be released immediately due to worsening sickness.

Due to Agent Blanchard's previous exposure to temporal anomalies, additional assets from the Temporal Anomalies Department were notified of the inconsistencies in his behavior and responded immediately. By the time of their arrival, Agent Blanchard's demeanor had shifted a third time, at which point he was able to explain the nature of SCP-4583 to colleagues.

Following Agent Blanchard's debriefing by Temporal Anomalies Department assets, another unexpected shift in demeanor occurred. Agent Blanchard again expressed concern and distress, calling for the immediate containment of 15 additional personnel and immediate quarantine of the Site-17 infirmary. Attendant physicians enacted BSL-2 precautions at this time, and sedated Agent Blanchard.

Over the next 24 hours, 15 additional members of Site-17 staff, including medical, biological, and temporal assets presented to the infirmary reporting symptoms and disorientation similar to that of Agent Blanchard, prompting immediate quarantine under BSL-4 protocol and partial evacuation of Site-17 nonessential staff. RCT-Δt assets flagged the outbreak as a potential retrocausal anomaly, and submitted proposed Special Containment Procedures to RAISA and Overwatch. SCP-4583 was designated on 25/8/2003 by a 13-0 decision.

Initial procedures called for information blackout with all instances of SCP-4583-1. On the advice of Site-17 medical staff, quarters were arranged for all 16 instances in a sealed ward. Access was provided to water, food, and OTC medications necessary for SCP-4583-1's collective comfort for 72 hours. It was the prevailing opinion of RCT-Δt, Site-17 director, and Site-17 medical staff that the virus causing the anomaly was an otherwise benign flu, and should be allowed to run its course. To prevent further spread of paradoxical information, no surveillance equipment or writing implements of any kind were permitted, but instances were allowed to interact with one another to ease boredom of hopefully recoverable Foundation Assets.

On 28/8/2003, the ward was opened. Three instances of SCP-4583-1 were discovered deceased by severe blood loss via self-inflicted injuries. Autopsy revealed the presence of human flesh in each of their stomachs, implying auto-cannibalistic behavior. An additional three instances had been killed through blunt force trauma. Two more were discovered in persistent catatonic state, showing defensive wounds on the forearms and hands. The remaining five instances appeared lucid, showing significant injuries to the hands and feet, and suffering from symptoms of post traumatic stress.

After being cleared of SCP-4583 infection, all surviving parties were debriefed prior to Class A amnestic therapy.

Warning: The remainder of this file is protected by an unredacted cognitohazardous image. By submitting your credentials below, you certify your consent to exposure to this image, and that you have been inoculated against the cognitohazard contained therein. Exposure to vulnerable persons is lethal. There is nothing in this file worth dying for. There will be no further warnings.

1. Samra, R.; Shraeder I.; et. al. Cognitive Tachyon Flux: Mechanisms of Self Justification in Sentient Organisms and the Grandfather Paradox. Temporal Dynamics, 4, 28, 2005.

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