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Hey Liv,

I know you'd rather I just summarize it, but I think this one justifies the format. I stole it off of a blind-drunk Hand operative in Plattsburg after the curfew went down. What's in here was enough to override his conditioning and make him head for the hills (well, Canada). Given the current state of the Hand's memetic conditioning, that's saying quite a lot.

Our fair acquaintances have got both New Yorks locked down; getting this out would've been hard without my, ah, advanced knowledge (lucky me!). Hopefully this'll give you enough boots to kick ass upstairs.



SCP: 4582

Classification: Realitätsbrecher

Severity: Gelb Rot

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the inherent risks of a broken SCP-4582 cycle, containment primarily focuses on maintaining the integrity and stability of SCP-4582. As SCP-4582's cycle is currently contained within Containment Area 15, and currently poses no threat to civilian or Foundation personnel1, maintenance of proper SCP-4582 cycling is to be considered paramount. As of 4/14/37, testing is to be conducted on the malleability of SCP-4582 cycling under the jurisdiction of Colonel Richards2.

Description: SCP-4582 is an unstable cumulative pseudo-temporal loop3 initiated on 3/01/37 that encompasses semideterministic4 locales within Containment Area 155.

SCP-4582's loop consists of three components: SCP-4582-1, SCP-4582-2, and SCP-4582-3.

SCP-4582-1 is a prototype Boeing Model One that has been heavily modified from its registered specifications. Its wingspan has been increased by four point five inches6 from the original eight point three eight meters. The outermost wing supports have been removed, resulting in severe wing instability. All aviation fuel in the engine has been replaced with a mixture of sucrose, water, and sawdust that is unable to undergo combustion. The entire chassis of SCP-4582-1 (including pontoons) has been replaced with concrete7, raising the weight far beyond the accepted tolerance of the engine, wings, or fuselage. Though SCP-4582-1 is extremely durable, it is not capable of powered flight. SCP-4582-1 has been theorized as the motive force behind SCP-4582; however, this cannot be conclusively established due to SCP-4582's effects.

SCP-4582-2 is the corpse of William E. Boeing8. Cause of death was blood loss from three gunshot wounds to the upper torso. In addition, SCP-4582-2's stomach was filled with a mixture of sucrose, water, and sawdust9. SCP-4582-2 was well-preserved at the time of containment; however, multiple SCP-4582 cycles have significantly degraded its condition. SCP-4582-2, as of 7/05/37, no longer maintains cohesion and consists of an unidentifiable mass of meats and fluids10. This has not impacted its participation in SCP-4582. As Mr. Boeing was last seen during the Hawaiian tsunami on 2/25/37, the mechanism by which SCP-4582-2 was moved to Containment Area 15 is currently unknown.

SCP-4582-3 is former Mobile Foundation Platform Alpha-Seven ("Beats Walking")11. SCP-4582-3 was the first Mobile Foundation Platform to recover SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2, and was subsequently incorporated into SCP-4582. All personnel inside SCP-4582-3 were killed during the initiation of the SCP-4582 cycle. Repeated SCP-4582 cycles have significantly degraded both the facility and the corpses inside; as of 7/05/37 the facility consists of a mixture of ash, pulverized airship material, and macerated human flesh. Despite this, SCP-4582-3 maintains enough cohesion to complete an SCP-4582 cycle.

SCP-4582's crash location can be adjusted via small modifications to SCP-4582-1. Changes in aerodynamicism12 result in wildly variable crash locations within Containment Area 15. These changes are extremely difficult to predict, and no accurate predictive model has been established. As of 4/14/37, MTFs Epsilon-5 ("So Good They Named It Twice") and Epsilon-6 ("When They Didn't Need To Name It At All")13 have been established to conduct these experiments.

SCP-4582 cycles are internally consistent but lack external chronological coherency14. A full SCP-4582 cycle lasts a variable amount of observer time and thirty minutes of local time. SCP-4582 cycles demonstrate extreme chronospatial distortion, routinely violating causality, and are capable of radically reconfiguring the local geography and time flow of Containment Area 1515. There is a small period during recovery in which restructuring does not occur around SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2.

Addendum 4582-1:

The following is an attempt to describe the internal chronology of an SCP-4582 cycle. It has been assembled based on reports from SCP-4582-3 before the initiation of the initial SCP-4582 cycle. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding SCP-4582 cycling, derivations in this pattern are extremely difficult to track16. The initial cycle started on 3/1/1937 and has not, as far as we can determine, ended in local time. All time stamps are in minutes. —Doctor Caldmann

[00] SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2 crash-land. Kinetic energy produced in the crash is greater than would be predicted given the weight and velocity of SCP-4582-117.

[01] SCP-4582-3 begins to move to SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2's location to initiate containment.

[05] SCP-4582-3 arrives at SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2 and begins containment.

[10] SCP-4582-3 completes initial containment of SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2. SCP-4582-1 is taken to the hanger. SCP-4582-2 is taken to the morgue. Respective analysis begins.

[15] Autopsy of SCP-4582-2 does not reveal any anomalous features. Analysis of SCP-4582-1 engine begins. SCP-4582-1 begins emitting large amounts of thermal energy18.

[17] Inspection of SCP-4582-1 ceases due to the large amounts of thermal energy. Several clothing fires are extinguished. Hangar is evacuated.

[20] SCP-4582-2 reanimates and begins vocalizing sounds of distress. SCP-4582-2 does not appear capable of human speech. Waveform analysis conducted at Provisional Site-3519 indicates similarities to damaged internal combustion engines. SCP-4582-2 begins to move towards SCP-4582-1.

[22] SCP-4582-2 encounters SCP-4582-3 security forces. SCP-4582-2 is affected by ordnance, but locomotion20 is not impeded.

[25] SCP-4582-2 reaches SCP-4582-1. Ambient temperature around SCP-4582-1 begins to char SCP-4582-2; however, locomotion towards SCP-4582-1 continues. Expressions of pain and distress increase.

[28] SCP-4582-2 arrives at SCP-4582-1 and seats itself in the cockpit. A large explosion originating from the hangar, presumed to be from SCP-4582-1, compromises SCP-4582-3's structural integrity. SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2 fall from SCP-4582-3.

[30/0] SCP-4582-1 and SCP-4582-2 crash-land into a location determined partially by the aerodynamicism of SCP-4582-1. Cycle repeats.



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