Item #: SCP-458-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-458-KO is to be kept in the research archives when not in use. If needed, SCP-458-KO can be played using a videocassette recorder located on the TV in the staff cafeteria. SCP-458-KO, or any data recording of its contents, is strictly prohibited from being brought outside of the Foundation.

Description: SCP-458-KO is an unmarked and standard videotape. Subject's anomalous properties manifest when replayed on a videocassette recorder. When SCP-458-KO is replayed, a newscast-like video will be projected that reports on the events that occurred on the current day. The format of the video is similar to that of a general news program, but the person who appears as an announcer is completely different per day. SCP-458-KO's recording time is believed to be infinite, but the reason for this is unknown. The mechanism by which the content of the video is updated on a daily basis is also unknown.

Upon switching channels while SCP-458-KO is playing, the topics covered in the news will change accordingly. Topics are organized into crime, politics, sports, and entertainment by country. Content reported by SCP-458-KO is identical to that provided by regular news programs. However, in the event that the normal news reports differ from facts, SCP-458-KO will not report the same content, and will instead broadcast factual news. The announcer's expression is depressive, at times accompanied by anger. Then, unlike fabricated news, only factual news is broadcasted.

SCP-458-KO was discovered and recovered by the Foundation on the ███ radio station, housed in the multitude of videotape storage crates in the archives.

Addendum: Approval Request

There is a growing trend among Foundation agents and researchers to show little interest in anything but SCP-related matters. Requesting permission to use SCP-458-KO in the staff cafeteria. ㅡ Dr. ████

Approved. ㅡ O5-█

Addendum: Research Note

On ██, it was confirmed that the area the Foundation had sealed off due to intelligence operations was covered in the news of SCP-458-KO. As long as the contents are not leaked outside of the Foundation, there seems to be no immediate problem. - Dr. ████

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