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Item#: 4579
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4579 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17, equipped with two mirrors in highly visible areas. As SCP-4579 is not aware of its anomalous capabilities, personnel are forbidden from discussing anomalous activity in its presence.

Testing on SCP-4579 is open to all personnel with Level 2 or higher clearance. SCP-4579 is permitted to visit the Site-17 high-security courtyard for no more than two hours a week, provided it is escorted by at least one guard.

Description: SCP-4579 is an entity capable of changing form based on observation method. When observed directly by any entity, SCP-4579 appears to be a Caucasian male approximately 20-25 years of age, 180 centimetres in height, and 70 kilograms in weight. Direct observation includes all forms of sensory perception, most commonly visual contact.

When observed indirectly through any means, SCP-4579 appears to be a plush toy resembling a stylised duckling. In this form, SCP-4579 is incapable of speech or locomotion. Tested methods include the usage of mirrors, videos, real-time renderings, and translucent materials.

No further forms of SCP-4579 have been reported, and all forms have remained consistent across viewings. SCP-4579's humanoid form does not possess any memories of time spent in inanimate form. It is unknown what form it assumes while unobserved. While photographs may be taken of SCP-4579, they do not constitute a form of observation.

Fur, skin, hair, and blood samples removed from SCP-4579 do not inherit its properties, and testing has confirmed them to be completely non-anomalous. SCP-4579 has not been able to provide any information on the origin of its anomalous capabilities.

SCP-4579 was initially brought to Foundation attention when UIU operatives in Cobb County, Georgia reported an increased amount of anomalous activity in the region. The activity was traced to SCP-4579, and Foundation operatives apprehended it at its residence without incident. After assessment, SCP-4579 was brought to Site-17 for research and long-term containment.

Addendum 21/09/2017: On 21/09/2017, SCP-4579 attempted to breach containment while on a scheduled visit to the Site-17 courtyard. Utilising previously undocumented anomalous capabilities, SCP-4579 evaded its guards and traveled through the Euclid wing of the facility before being caught on thermal imaging cameras outside another cell. While it was quickly re-contained, SCP-4579 admitted to purposefully deceiving Foundation personnel.

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