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Item #: SCP-4575

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Worldwide media is monitored for SCP-4575 related phenomena and damage. Areas deemed possibly affected are to be investigated by RTF-Zeta-27 ("Homeowners Association").

Any phenomena confimed to be in line with SCP-4575 is to be reported to the Global Occult Coalition, in line with the REACT treaty of 2033.

In the event of a repeat ECCENTRICITY event, containment efforts are to be undertaken in full liaison with the Global Occult Coalition until the cessation of the event, in line with the REACT treaty of 2033. When applicable, SCP units will placed be under the command of GOC units experienced with ECCENTRICITY event conditions.

Description: SCP-4575 is an ontokinetic anomaly that occurs during REM sleep. If an individual undergoes SCP-4575, a location which they have an emotional connection to (such as a childhood home) will become an instance of SCP-4575-A. SCP-4575-A experience degradation and damage associated with neglect and improper maintence, including as mold, water damage, flooding, and collapse. Individuals affected by SCP-4575 report a vague sensation of unfamiliarity with associated SCP-4575-A instances, and will eventually abandon the property.

Genetic material of an unknown echinoderm species is commonly found in water inside SCP-4575-A instances.

SCP-4575 manifestation is connected with hurricane Morgan of 2033, and the associated anomalous phenomena, which are collectively designated an ECCENTRICITY event.

The factors which cause an individual to undergo SCP-4575 events are unknown.

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