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Item #: SCP-4573

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Embedded Foundation agents are to ensure that any devices used to analyze brain activity such as MRI Scanners or EEG devices are programmed to not display any instances of SCP-4573-1. In the event that an SCP-4573-1 instance is discovered by the general public it is to be given the cover story of a computer error. Any independent researchers discovering SCP-4573-1 are to be interviewed to determine how they discovered SCP-4573-1. Following this they are to be amnesticized.

Three SCP-4573-2 instances are to be contained within a Sub-Dimensional Containment Chamber for the purposes of research. All food requests will be automatically approved unless overridden by the Head Researcher. In the event that any instance is lost for any reason, D-class Personnel with a history of good behavior shall be taken in as a new instance.

SCP-4573-1-A and SCP-4573-1-B are to be decoded as soon as possible.

Personnel are advised to not consume any food while within range of an active Scranton Reality Anchor.

Description: SCP-4573 refers to two related phenomena affecting all known species contained within the Biological Kingdom Animalia.

SCP-4573-1 consists of two anomalous brain wave patterns that form five to fifteen minutes after consuming any food1. SCP-4573-1-A is the more common form, appearing by default during an SCP-4573-1 event. There is no evidence of any danger from experiencing SCP-4573-1-A. SCP-4573-1-B has thus far only been observed in Foundation testing environments. Both patterns take the form of short, sharp bursts of activity within the brain. Mapping SCP-4573-1 to a graph shows that it takes the form of a Square Wave, rather than a Sine Wave as is typical of brain waves. Analysis of SCP-4573-1 shows a pattern similar to Morse Code. It is currently theorized that SCP-4573-1 is some form of encoded message. The Paracryptology Department has been given the task of attempting to decode SCP-4573-1 to confirm or deny this hypothesis.

However, when a subject consumes food within a space isolated from reality2 an SCP-4573-1 event will not occur. Instead the subject will become an instance of SCP-4573-2.

SCP-4573-2 are members of the Biological Kingdom Animalia with a modified sense of taste. The flavor of consumed food will no longer be based off the typical flavorings of the food or any seasonings. Rather, the taste will be based off the instances' direct nutritional needs. An SCP-4573-2 instance will, as an example, no longer find sweet foods appealing unless their bodies require sugar or some other nutrients contained within the food. Testing with vitamin deficient instances has shown that even food that lacks flavor by baseline standards will be considered "delicious" by SCP-4573-2 instances.

If an SCP-4573-2 instance consumes food outside of isolated reality they will cease to be an SCP-4573-2 instance. Furthermore, they will experience an SCP-4573-1-B Event within twenty-four hours of consumption.

SCP-4573-1-B is similar to SCP-4573-1-A, with the pattern of "beats" within the brain wave being the primary difference. However, SCP-4573-1-B will have harmful effects on the subject. Subjects report nausea, headaches, and a loud ringing noise. Furthermore, once SCP-4573-1-B has passed the subjects will suffer from ageusia.3

SCP-4573-1-B events can be prevented by artificially stimulating an SCP-4573-1-A event after eating and prior to the SCP-4573-1-B event occurring. Subjects will typically find food unappealing for one to two weeks following treatment. This is currently not believed to be an anomalous psychological reaction to the loss of SCP-4573-2 traits.

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