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SCP-4572 containment facilities.

Item#: SCP-4572

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the land where SCP-4572 is located being privately owned, Foundation assets have arranged containment protocols with the primary financial stakeholders. Entry into SCP-4572 is forbidden to civilians; a cover story of imminent demolition and structural instability have proven sufficient to keep out a majority of the public.

Due to the high-profile nature of the individual previously associated with the building SCP-4572 manifests within, additional security has been allocated to prevent unauthorized access by determined individuals.

Description: SCP-4572 is the main gambling hall located within the defunct Trump Plaza casino. When an individual enters the room, all solid materials within will instantaneously deconstruct themselves and restructure to create a physical replica of Mike Tyson's June 27 1988 knockout of Michael Spinks during a heavyweight boxing championship, for a time approximately equivalent to the 97 seconds it took Tyson to win the fight.

Only two of the humanoid individuals within SCP-4572 are capable of making sound, with all other sounds being muffled or completely inaudible while a subject is within SCP-4572.

SCP-4572's accuracy and general appearance varies depending on how socialized the individual entering it is.1 D-Class retrieved from long-term solitary confinement report the most lifelike reconstruction. Frequently, subjects within SCP-4572 may see close family members or friends whom they have been isolated from mixed in with the crowd. These reconstructed humanoids will display body language corresponding to the state of their living counterpart's relationship of the subject.

Only one individual can enter SCP-4572 at a time, and move freely throughout the space. Attempts by Mobile Task Force Psi-7 to demolish walls and create secondary entrances were not successful. Although the walls can be removed, attempting to cross the threshold into SCP-4572 while someone is already in there results in being displaced to within a stall of the woman's bathroom. These subjects will be released once the active period ends.

The reconstructed humanoids resembling Marla Maples and Ivana Trump, present at ringside during the fight, are seated on the far sides of the room. They are the only portions of SCP-4572 capable of vocalizations. In each iteration, they will wear different garments and appear older or younger, with older instances appearing to resemble their real-life counterparts less the more years they are removed from their living counterpart's marriage to Donald J. Trump.

Instead of a spectral humanoid, there is a void in space resembling how Mr. Trump appeared at the event in 1988. Testing has shown no traces of any gases or micro-organisms inside this void. Its exterior is surrounded by magazine covers and newspaper clippings depicting stories such as the increased social isolation in the United States, struggles of rural communities, the proliferation of social media, and the 2008 financial crisis. It has not been noted to move or attempt communication in any way prior to or during containment and is believed to be inert.

During the course of the match, the humanoids resembling Marla and Ivana will have conversation unrelated to their surroundings. These conversations will typically revolve around loneliness affecting individuals not present, although the two figures will occasionally speak in the first person. They do not respond to outside stimuli and it is unknown if they possess any sapient or sentient intelligence.

Addendum: During subsequent testing on 09/18/2018, D-0412 caused SCP-4572 to become active. Instead of the expected active phase loop, each humanoid figure rose from their seat and began walking towards the centrally-located boxing ring. The humanoid void anomaly was present at the center of the canvas, now in a standing posture and without any magazines or news clippings. As the humanoid figure reached it, their bodies began fading by all measurements until they were no longer detectable.

After approximately fifteen minutes, every figure apart from the Ivana and Marla humanoids had entered the void. Prior to their own entry, these two figures paused and beckoned for D-0412 to follow them. D-0412 hesitated, then touched the void before an attempt to extract them could be made. After making contact, D-0412 similarly disappeared and the room containing SCP-4572 returned to its expected inert appearance. All present personnel have self-reported feeling extreme loneliness at that moment, which in some cases has persisted continually afterwards.

Although SCP-4572 has returned to its prior expected effects, further humanoid testing has been discontinued after subsequent test subjects reported having unusual dreams. Most reported dreams were of female subjects resembling D-0412, holding hands with the dreamer.

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