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Item #: SCP-4569

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4569 is locked in a 10-digit pin coded safe, located in Storage Unit-22 within Site-17. Further access for research purposes is to be granted only by Class A personnel. Subjects exposed to SCP-4569 are required to be at least Class B Foundation members with a minimum score of 60 points on the Milgram Obedience Test.

Description: SCP-4569 is a leather-cover book recovered on 02/09/20██ during a Foundation raid of a Serpent's Hand facility. Testing has shown the object dates back from the 16th century.

SCP-4569 contains a 151-page biography of the individual reading it, up to the moment he or she came into contact with it, written in a style and tone similar to classic fairy tales. If more than one person is reading SCP-4569, its content will be perceived differently by each reader. It should also be noted that regardless of the reader's age or number of events from their life, the number of pages remains consistent, SCP-4569 choosing to skip or include details in order to shorten or stretch the story. The language SCP-4569 is written in seems to be the language the reader is most comfortable with, which can be different from his/her mother tongue.

What all the variations of the text share in common is the ending sentence, that being "Now, it's time for [reader's name] to continue their journey…". Between 2 and 30 minutes after an individual finishes reading SCP-4569, SCP-4569-A will start manifesting inside the individual's mind. To prevent the reader from triggering SCP-4569-A, the text consists at first of only the first phrase, the rest of them displaying themselves one at a time as he or she continues to read through them.

SCP-4569-A refers to a voice present in the mind of an individual who has finished reading SCP-4569. Subjects under the effect of SCP-4569-A describe it at as a calm, soothing male voice, similar in tone with the voice of actor M█████ F██████, which "narrates" their actions, thoughts and decisions as if they were "part of some kid's book". Subjects have stated that, despite SCP-4569-A's pleasant sound, its constant presence in their mind often renders them almost unable to focus and it disturbs their sleep to the point where sedatives are required for them to fully rest. Further tests have proven that these negative effects do tend to grow weaker over time. Subjects have also brought to researchers' attention that SCP-4569-A is also present in their dreams, displaying its normal behavior of describing surroundings and events.

It should be also noted that, on certain occasions, SCP-4569-A seems to purposely induce paranoia to its host. Multiple subjects have reported the voice narrating actions done by them in the past tense when they have not in fact taken place yet. Subject D-20902 has provided the following example:

It's like, say I am standing in a hallway and there's 2 doors in front of me. The voice would go something like "Johnathan continued on his path, reaching a crossroad. Unsure which way to go, he chose the left path". And that's before I even picked a door. It's creeping me out, 'cause now I feel like I should go left, but I don't know what's gonna happen if I go right. It's screwing with my head!

Communication with SCP-4569-A has been attempted, but to no success. Writing into SCP-4569 has initially proven successful, but researchers soon realized the hand-written text is only visible to its author and has no effect on the object's anomalous properties.

An unexpected result is obtained when looking at the object through electronic media. Photographs, recordings and such containing SCP-4569 will display the recording object's history, from manufacturing date to the date the record was captured. After fully reading SCP-4569 through this indirect way, SCP-4569-A will not manifest.

Addendum 4569.1: Further experimentation has been stopped due to SCP-4569 not displaying any other anomalous properties which can be studied or exploited.

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