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You are accessing the current version of the documentation for SCP-4568, dated May 23, 2019. An archive of relevant revisions is included for purposes of context and analysis.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item#: 4568
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: A disinformation campaign is ongoing to provide a natural justification for any seismic activity caused by SCP-4568-1 or oceanic abnormalities due to SCP-4568-2; currently, this is attributed to the interaction of three concurrent tectonic plates near SCP-4568's main area of activity.

The building codes in countries affected by SCP-4568 (mainly continental Chile, the west of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia) is to be designed to ensure that buildings are able to withstand earthquakes of up to Class X on the Modified Mercalli seismic intensity scale. Foundation personnel embedded in the security and emergency services of the affected countries are to direct evacuation and rescue efforts whenever necessary in order to reduce the impact of SCP-4568 and prevent a Broken Masquerade scenario.

SCP-4568-1 should be allowed to continue its activity unimpeded; containment proposals are to focus on mitigation procedures and disinformation. Neutralization proposals for any component of SCP-4568 are preemptively denied by the O5 Council.

Communication attempts from SCP-4568-1 or SCP-4568-2 are to be recorded and cross-referenced with known information about ongoing and potential ℵK-Class Deific Confrontation scenarios.

Description: SCP-4568-1 is a massive, subterranean, serpentine entity which inhabits below the Andean mountain range in South America. Current estimates indicate a length of at least 500 km, and a width of around 20 km. The entity is animate and autonomous and is composed of molten rock, highly compressed sediments, various metals, and ice. Sonar analysis reveals the existence of potentially artificial structures, resembling clockwork, gears and primitive circuits, along the body of the entity; these structures have no identified purpose and do not seem to be the mechanism behind the autonomous movement of SCP-4568-1.

SCP-4568-1 remains dormant most of the time. However, at certain periods the entity displaces itself along the Andean mountain range. Due to its massive size, this usually results in large-scale seismic activity, with magnitude proportional to the degree of displacement. Pattern analysis suggests that These movements are in response to an unknown trigger SCP-4568-2 exiting a dormancy period, and the seismic activity is intentionally caused by SCP-4568-1 in order to incapacitate SCP-4568-2. The purpose, if there is any, is unknown; due to the large amount of casualties caused by SCP-4568, the entity is presumed to be hostile. It is unknown if SCP-4568 is sapient. SCP-4568-1 is sapient, with above-human intelligence and very high memetic resistance. While not actively hostile, it is aware of the casualties product of its seismic activity and considers them a "regrettable necessity" to restrain SCP-4568-2.

SCP-4568-2 is a marine, sapient, serpentine entity of comparable size comprised of water, sand, algae, and steam. It often incorporates extant marine lifeforms into its mass; these do not appear to be harmed by the process, although they exhibit some degree of (usually beneficial) mutations after exposure. Marine lifeforms have proven themselves capable of extricating and reincorporating themselves into SCP-4568-2's mass at any time.

SCP-4568-2 is actively hostile to human life, having repeatedly expressed its intention of causing the extinction of humanity. SCP-4568-2 claims that its goal is to stop a "great calamity" that will result in the destruction of nature and the consequent elimination of all life on Earth. While at first this was thought to refer to some sort of ecological disaster, further statements by SCP-4568-2 now suggest that this would be a tangential aftereffect of a MK-Class "End of Human Consciousness" scenario of undetermined origin (see below for further details).

SCP-4568-2 is capable of using resonance effects and vibrations in order to force water and other fluids to take on specific shapes. This is employed to maintain its own shape during its activity periods and to cause massive tidal waves and anomalous oceanic activity. The seismic activity induced by SCP-4568-1 disrupts these abilities, making SCP-4568-2 unable to maintain a consistent form out of water and forcing it into periods of dormancy.

Addendum 4568-1: Containment/Neutralization Proposal


Note: No further proposals of this type are to be accepted.

Addendum 4568-2: Log of statements by SCP-4568-1 and -2

After the detection of SCP-4568-2 on February 2010, both entities have been communicating with each other and Foundation personnel using similar methods to the one used by SCP-4568-1 during the aforementioned incident. These messages show awareness of the existence of several Groups and Entities of Interest, mainly in connection with K-Class Scenarios. A log of notable communications is listed below.


SCP-4568-1: Fundación. I know you cannot trust me, much less while you are still mourning your dead. I know what I did, as much as I know the extremes you are willing to go to protect your kin. We will never be equals, but you need to know that we share the same goals.

[Pause of several minutes]

You know, my equal also believes his duty to be of protection. There is a threat hiding in dying stars, something incomprehensible and unable to be stopped. The human mind is a lit beacon in a sea of darkness; would extinguishing it divert the attention of this threat? Would it be worth it, in the end?


SCP-4568-2: I am sure you can see it. How your world dies a little bit more every day. Mostly by your own hand, no? You poison the oceans, taint the rivers, blacken the skies. You do not need angels of death to end your world. But there is something else. I see it, in the bottom of your eyes: something unforgettable. Unconceivable ideas, cloaked in madness and impossible colors.

Do you think I will let you drag the rest of the world down with yourselves? Do you think I will leave this world, my world, to die in fives?


SCP-4568-2: It cannot enter if there are no gateways. An idea cannot exist if nobody thinks of it. We will start anew, in a world where hateful stars do not speak to you.


SCP-4568-1: Kaikai1. Do you really think this wasteful death will solve it all? I can see the threat too. It hurts to think about it. But I see it everywhere, the pressure, the suffocation. The fives. I know what will happen when it descends. And yet, I think you are misguided.

An idea exists only because something thought of it. Have you even considered how such terrible concepts could have been given form? What kind of atrocious mind could even think about it? Humans cannot conceive the colourless green. What if you are playing into this creature's hands?


SCP-4568-1: Kaikai. Answer to me.

SCP-4568-2: Trentrén2. Why should I believe you? Why should I believe that such words come from anything but sheer cowardice? You know we have to do it. You protect the land, I protect the seas, and we both know what the enemy is. The god of flesh has the power to recreate this world, away from the pink light: a clean, free world.

SCP-4568-1: We both know that the god you command is but an empty shell. It has no malevolence, and yet the goddess of steel and gears broke herself to restrain it. You really do not understand why? Do you really think you can fill the void, make the flesh bend to your will? No earthly creature has a mind large enough to match its empty vastness.

But what if the fives seize this mind? What if the mind of colourless green is able to take over such a god? What if that is what it needs to enter this world? You are but a pawn in this scheme, cannot you see? And as the goddess of steel restrains the god of flesh, I shall restrain you.

SCP-4568-2: The goddess of steel is as much of a coward as her self-appointed servant then. Yet even she fears empty ghosts more than the hateful red. In the vast nothingness, I see dreams of worlds where your goddess is devoured by the five, or caught by mindless greed. Worlds where our Sun's love becomes twisted and corrupt. Your goddess is weak, and the Five is too strong.


SCP-4568-1: Fundación, are you there? Do you still listen to the voice of something you fear? Maybe it is hard to believe, but it is comforting to me that there is someone listening.

Do you want to know why am I protecting you, humans? Wouldn't it be easier, in the end, to just let go? Maybe letting Kaikai do as he wants will really stop the Threat approaching our world. An easy exit.

But that is something I like about you, Fundación. About mankind. While it is easy to just take the simplest path, to just give up, there will always be some among you who refuse this path, to do the right thing. Maybe not all of you are this strong, but I can see it in your methods, those so-called "containment procedures". There will always be someone who stands up against the dark, even if it takes a thousand million years to emerge victorious.

Maybe you can stop the Fifth. After all, ideas can be killed with better ideas.

[Pause of around two hours]

Protecting you may just be my duty, but I cannot forget who I once was, as well.


SCP-4568-1: I cannot sense the god of the Huincas3 anymore.

[Pause of several minutes]

SCP-4568-2: Our time is running out, Trentrén.


SCP-4568-2: I will save this world, humans; you won't be able to stop me. This is the only way.

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