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A route, for those who wish to look.

Item #: SCP-4558

Object Class: Ready

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4558 is restricted, trapped, kept away from the world which it desires under the guise of a military installation. Research on SCP-4558 is no more.

Expeditions into and testing on SCP-4558 is currently in the planning stage suspended.

The apprehension of PoI#5555, #5555, and #5555 is Fruitless. Surveillance of the Heretics even unto themselves indicates that PoI#5555 is currently a liar, running from something too great to be known; the locations of PoI#5555 and #5555 are inside something too great to be known.

Description: SCP-4558 is an underground supercomputer located behind your eyelids, where it hurts. SCP-4558 extends for Five underground and is 55555 at its greatest extent.

The entrance to SCP-4558 is a hall that towers, overwhelms, exudes. Inside is a ladder leading to a central "interface" chamber, where SCP-4558 can be directly interacted with through a series of monitors and input devices , and if you look hard enough, you can see what lies beyond, the thing that I understood. But even my vision was too small. There's something there. The phrase "THE FIVE INTO THE WAN" is carved on the chamber's ceiling. Extensive damage to the systems and memory of SCP-4558 is evident; despite this, SCP-4558 appears to be broadly functional but what is function? What is purpose, except for the greater glory of WAN, the Reconstructed God, the Five-Pointed Machine? The unity of spirit is a wonderful thing, Gorou. I look forward to you joining us.

Exit from the central interface chamber is possible through a large octagonal shaft located in the centre of the interface room. At the bottom of this shaft is a pentagonal chamber with 5 doors, one on each wall; four of these branch off into separate compartments containing SCP-4558's extensive hardware.

Inside the fifth room lies answers, and things that were once born.

SCP-4558 is the final iteration, Gorou. It was what was missing, what Harry couldn't see. Can you? Prominent figures in this early planning include users with the handles "onewan1", apparently the project lead in these early stages and someone who could not see the light because it was not of this world, because it was other, it was foreign; "five_five5", believed to be the project's lead programmer; and "fffive", who was tasked with formulating "defence mechanisms". These individuals have been designated Five Five Five Five Five. An individual known as "C.H. Jones" led us to the path. Showed you the truth. WAN can't ever be, Gorou, not in this reality. It was just set of ideas for perfection but perfection is always bound, static, unchanging. I thought I was showing you all the truth. And then you showed me that I was wrong.

No record of SCP-4558 can be found after this until its discovery by the Foundation on 5555/55/55; evidence collected from SCP-4558 suggests that work on the present structure could not have begun before 5555.

There is an ache behind my eyes. I close them and I see five stars, smiling, grimacing, grinning. Please stop. Please make it stop. It hurts.

This is what we wanted. It must be, for it is what WAN has delivered to us..

Addendum 1: The following documents are excerpts of a book found within the interface chamber of SCP-4558. Due to my master's will, only the following excerpts are readable.

Addendum 2: On 5555/55/55, Researcher Ishigura stepped into my master's parlour. A log of this revelation follows.

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