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The entrance to SCP-4558.

Item #: SCP-4558

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4558 is cordoned off from public access under the guise of a military installation. Research on SCP-4558 is based in the nearby Site 312.

Expeditions into and testing of SCP-4558 are currently in the planning stage suspended by order of O5-5.

Surveillance of the Church of Maxwellism is a top priority, with a particular emphasis on PoI#8161, PoI#8162, and PoI#8163. PoI#8161 is currently living in the Western United States; the locations of PoI#8162 and #8163 are unknown.

Description: SCP-4558 is an underground supercomputer located in the Owyhee Desert, Idaho. The precise size and extent of SCP-4558 is unknown, but it is believed to extend at least 3km underground and to be over 2.5km wide.

The entrance to SCP-4558 is a small concrete bunker built into the surrounding desert environment. Inside is a ladder leading to a central "interface" chamber, where SCP-4558 can be directly interacted with through a series of monitors and input devices. The phrase "THE MANY INTO THE FEW" is carved on the chamber's ceiling. Extensive damage to SCP-4558's systems and memory is evident; despite this, SCP-4558 appears to be broadly functional. Information on other areas of SCP-4558 is limited pending a planned expedition by MTF-Epsilon-101 ("Four Lights").

SCP-4558's purpose is unknown, but extensive Foundation investigations indicate that it was originally designed by members of the Church of Maxwellism. Planning for a similar structure has been found in archived Maxwellist forums and chat logs in the early 1990s, before senior Church leadership decreed such discussions "heretical". Prominent figures in this early planning include users with the handles "onewan1", apparently the project lead in these early stages; "holy_fibr3", believed to be the project's lead programmer; and "tbgeuse", who was tasked with formulating "defence mechanisms". These individuals have been designated PoI#8161, 8162, and 8163 respectively.

No record of SCP-4558 can be found after this until its discovery by the Foundation on 2015/08/12; evidence collected from SCP-4558 suggests that work on the present structure could not have begun before 2005.

Addendum 1: The following documents are excerpts of a book found within the interface chamber of SCP-4558. Due to heavy infohazardous properties, only the following excerpts are readable.

Addendum 2: On 2015/08/19, the planned expedition by MTF-Epsilon-101 ("Four Lights") took place. A log of this expedition follows.

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