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SCP-4552 as seen from a distance.

Item #: SCP-4552

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4552 is to be surrounded by a chain-link fence 2 meters high and watched by at least two armed guards at all times. Test subjects assigned to SCP-4552 have authorization for access, but must notify the Site Director before accessing SCP-4552 and must record all activity related to it.

Civilians visiting the area are permitted to take pictures of the site, but trespassing of the chain-link fence is strictly prohibited.

No imagery of the Foundation is to be kept on site, as the public may take note of the Foundation’s existence. All personnel assigned to SCP-4552 must be wearing an official Irish Army uniform as opposed to the standard Security Officer uniform.

Description: SCP-4552 is the remains of a sandstone castle located around 12 kilometers west of Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. The site is officially recognised as “Minard Castle” by the Republic of Ireland. The ruins consist of a rectangular tower house, constructed from roughly dressed sandstone blocks secured by a strong adhesive. All four corners of the castle's base were blown off during a siege led by Oliver Cromwell, former Lord Protector of the British Commonwealth. All occupants of the castle were either killed or forced to retreat, leaving the site in a state of disrepair.

The lives of those that inhabited the castle remain mostly undiscovered to the Foundation and local historical societies, other than four diary entries (SCP-4552-01 through SCP-4552-04) written by a domestic servant who had previously helped maintain the premises (See Addendum 4552.1).

Any personnel who enters the tower house of SCP-4552 will begin to hallucinate a dense fog, cutting them off from the outside world. The voice of a deceased loved one will then call out to them, often attempting to apologise or comfort the subject (If the subject hasn't lost an acquaintance in the course of their lifetime, no hallucination will occur). A vision of the loved one will approach the subject, often placing a hand on their shoulder or embracing them. The individual can interact with and speak to the vision for approximately 1 minute, after which the vision and fog will fade. Before the hallucination ends, it has always delivered the following verse:

Allies have come and gone.
Some leave with or without choice,
Others remain in the world behind me.
We are the same.
Too mournful of the past,
Too terrified of the future.
Welcome to my sandstone Hell.

Note: These hallucinations will not activate if two or more personnel enter SCP-4552 at a time. Additionally, those who do not enter the tower house are unable to see or hear the hallucinations, but can still hear the subject within SCP-4552.

Addendum 4552.01: The following diary entries were recovered from within SCP-4552, found in a partially rotted chest within the castle's cellar. They have been translated from a form of Munster Irish to English.

Addendum 4552.2: The following test logs involving SCP-4552 were documented on 04/29/2018. In each test, a D-Class personnel who had lost at least one acquaintance during their lifetime was told to enter SCP-4552 and report any encounters with hallucinations. After the tests, all six subjects were offered Class A traumatic amnestic therapy. All subjects declined.

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