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Item #: SCP-4551 l2.png Object Class: Safe
Level 2 Clearance Threat Level: Green


Engraving of SCP-4551 from the 'Prayer of Roseafar'.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4451 is to be stored in an anechoic chamber1. A commercially produced bell muffler is to be placed into the interior of SCP-4551 when not in testing.

Containment Update: In order to control rust build-up, SCP-4551 is to be cleaned with a 20% electrolytic solution of white vinegar mixed with salt, once per day and re-cleaned after testing. This process is to be performed inside SCP-4551's anechoic chamber.

Furthermore, in order to prevent severe oxidation to occur on SCP-4551's surface, renaissance oil is to be doused daily. This oil is to be blessed by a member or decendent of Roseafar.

Description: SCP-4551 is an ornate iron funeral bell, constructed during the late 1300s in Roseafar, Scotland. When SCP-4551 is rung, it produces a clear note in E♭3, which causes an illusion (SCP-4551-1) to appear to the ringer for a period of up to ten minutes.2

SCP-4551-1 illusions appear to be incorporeal, partially-translucent figures with a physical appearance identical to a deceased individual whom the ringer had an interpersonal relationship with.

The following has been observed during interactions between a ringer and an SCP-4551-1 illusion:

  • The ringer maintains that the SCP-4551-1 illusion is the 'soul' of a deceased individual.
  • Ringers report that the SCP-4551-1 illusions converse about past memories shared between the ringer and SCP-4551-1.
  • SCP-4551-1 illusions engage in endearing behavior such as giving compliments and easung doubts when emotionally 'close' to the ringer, and engage in negative3 behavior when 'distant' to the ringer.

An engraving of an SCP-4551-1 illusion, also from Prayer of Roseafar.

It has been observed that the time frame in which an SCP-4551-1 illusion persists for, is based upon the decibel rating that was produced. For more information, please see the table below.

Update: Rust has been documented occurring on SCP-4551, with about 3 mm2 of rust occuring daily, generally forming around the base of the bell. As of █/██/████, it has been discovered that when a human subject rings SCP-4551 while the object is rusted4, a cognitohazard occurs in which the memory of a deceased individual is completely forgotten by the ringer. For more information, please see addendum no. 3. It is currently unknown what will occur if SCP-4551 is rung while fully rusted.

The Prayer of Rosefar, a holy book from the region, describes SCP-4551's rust effect in the following manner:

Addendum No. 1: History and Recovery Information:

SCP-4551 was originally discovered in Roseafar7, Scotland, a secluded and autonomous village located near the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.


Roseafar, Scotland.

Originally a dead bell8, SCP-4551 was used by citizens in the village, for religious ceremonies and festivals.

According to a senior member of Roseafar, Fr. George Albert, SCP-4551 was considered to be a holy item, and was used to wish for harvests and to celebrate and revere dead members of the community. A special ceremony known as the 'Gost of God' was conducted to remove rust from SCP-4551, and to prevent deceased members from being forgotten by the population of the village. This ceremony required a dying member of the community to baptize the bell. A special song was sung during the ceremony, viewable as a transcript below.

Ghost' sightings and reports of paranormal activity were frequent in the area surrounding Roseafar, with the local area using the sightings as a method to attract tourism to the region. These sightings had not been taken seriously until April 9th, 2005, when, during a mass offered in Edinburgh for the recently deceased Catholic Pope John Paul II, SCP-4551 was rung, triggering the appearance of 23 instances of SCP-4551-1. The presiding priest, Roseafar native Fr. George Albert, confessed to removing SCP-4551 and moving it to Edinburgh for this mass.

Foundation agent Lilly Amarte confiscated SCP-4551 at the ceremony, and George Albert and the congregation were detained, and given class-A amnestics.

Addendum No. 2: SCP-4551 Testing Log

Five tests were conducted with SCP-4511, viewable below.

Currently, SCP-4551 summons SCP-4551-1 instances regardless of the ringer's place of birth.

Addendum No. 3: Rust Test

As SCP-4551 produces a cognitohazardous effect when rung, testing has been been put forth to judge if SCP-4451 when rusted can act as a rudimentary amnestic. The following tests had been conducted by Dr. Amie Amarte and Dr. Lucy Daniels, tested on D-4515.

UPDATE: SCP-4551 behaves as a rudimentary amnestic, able to produce an effect in which the ringer will completely forget the memory of the individual summoned during a rusted ringing of SCP-4551. Family members and those related are not affected. Currently, the only long term side effect is clinical depression, and periods of muteness.

Addendum No. 4: Aftermath and Funeral

Note: The following information and messages where written two years after the intital SCP-4551 interview and tests.

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