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Composite photo of SCP-4547.

Item #: SCP-4547

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Interstellar exploration is to avoid SCP-4547.

Description: SCP-4547 is an exoplanet located approximately fifteen light-years from the Sol System, discovered by the Foundation on August 20th, 2032. SCP-4547 was formerly the home planet of the taronyu, a sapient humanoid alien species, prior to an FK-Class ("Broken Foundation") Scenario1 that caused their extinction.

While SCP-4547 itself is nonanomalous, it is host to a large number of anomalous phenomena, affording its designation as an SCP object. These phenomena have been divided into two categories, SCP-4547-B and SCP-4547-C, which are detailed below.

Radio signals sent by the taronyu were recorded by Foundation assets on Earth beginning in 1942. Foundation intervention to conceal these transmissions was successful and kept public knowledge of SCP-4547 to a minimum. However, transmissions abruptly ended in 1991, with no further signals being received past this point.

During the initial advances into interstellar travel by the Foundation, it was decided that SCP-4547 would be visited, in order to ascertain the reasons for the lack of continued transmission, and the potential for a life-bearing planet. SCP-4547 was one of the first exoplanets visited by the Foundation during this time.

The taronyu2 are a sapient alien species with humanoid body structure. While not inherently anomalous, all taronyu currently on the surface of SCP-4547 have become anomalous, with the majority having been converted into SCP-4547-B2-ζ.

An organization referred to as the Tìhawnum3 existed on SCP-4547, with roughly analogous motives to the Foundation on Earth. The Tìhawnum was dedicated to the general focus of protecting taronyu society and life, including against dangerous anomalies. However, the Tìhawnum did not share in the same practices of Masquerade and concealment as the Foundation, leading to higher integration of anomalies into SCP-4547 culture.

SCP-4547-B is a collection of anomalous phenomena located on SCP-4547 which resulted in the near-total extinction of the taronyu. Each SCP-4547-B phenomenon caused a distinct K-Class Scenario on SCP-4547. The majority of these K-Class Scenarios are either the cause or result of an FK-Class (Broken Foundation) Scenario and have been collectively grouped into the one designation. For the purpose of brevity, only the conclusively identified K-Class Scenarios and their causes have been listed below.

Designation K-Class Scenario Description


Societal Collapse

The "Dead Hand" system of a major taronyu world superpower, designed to ensure mutually assured destruction. However, upon a transition between heads of state, SCP-4547-B1 malfunctioned and detected the end of the government and initiated nuclear war.

The resultant nuclear war lasted for approximately five hours. By the conclusion of the war, over ten thousand nuclear weapons had been detonated upon SCP-4547, destroying most bases of the Tìhawnum and most major metropolitan areas, in addition to causing severe nuclear fallout.

The exact functioning mechanics of SCP-4547-B1 are unknown, but is believed to have functioned using a demonic solid-state drive set to monitor for specific parameters. These parameters were set too specific, and a minor change in government triggered the dead hand.




SCP-4547-B2 was a collection of organic nanites designed to improve taronyu anatomy. However, difficulties in implementing these improvements caused partial brain death, increased aggression, inhibition of social norms and cannibalistic impulses in the infected (termed SCP-4547-B2-ζ). Furthermore, SCP-4547-B2-ζ were able to enter stasis indefinitely, negating the need to breathe or eat.

The Tìhawnum had kept a small sample of SCP-4547-B2, which was released during the IK-Class Scenario and became airborne. In the days following the IK-Class Scenario, 49% of taronyu on SCP-4547 became infected with SCP-4547-B2. As a result, there are currently an estimated 1-2 billion SCP-4547-B2-ζ instances remaining on SCP-4547 at present.

SCP-4547-B2 is capable of infecting humans.



Broken Greenhouse

SCP-4547-B3 was a large glass orrery of the SCP-4547 solar system. When not properly aligned, it would project a noncorporeal herbicidal field, destroying local xenoplant matter. This field would expand based upon the amount of time spent unaligned. SCP-4547-B3 was previously maintained by the Tìhawnum, but this maintenance stopped when they were destroyed.

As a result, all xenoplant life on SCP-4547 was rapidly killed off within three weeks of the IK-Class Scenario. Attempts to realign SCP-4547-B3 by Tìhawnum remnants appear to have been attempted, but were unsuccessful. It is currently not believed that SCP-4547-B3 can be repaired, and transport is forbidden.




4547-B4 was a collection of seven humanoid entities standing 500 meters tall, bearing noted similarity to SCP-██. All SCP-4547-B4 had been in a dormant state prior to the activation of SCP-4547-B1, and were targeted with nuclear missiles in a neutralization attempt during the IK-Class Scenario. These nuclear weapons did not kill any SCP-4547-B4 instances and only awakened them.

The SCP-4547-B4 identified themselves as the Kive'eveng Tun Koren,4 and took control of the remnants of taronyu society. They granted an anomalous resistance to many of the anomalous phenomena on SCP-4547 to any taronyu that served them.

All SCP-4547-B4 instances appeared to have entered into a war with each other at some point following their reawakening. All except one perished in this conflict; one of the losers was infected with SCP-4547-B2 and is currently active in a diminished capacity. The sole victor (SCP-4547-B4-3) is one of the few remaining sapient lifeforms on SCP-4547.




An intensely virulent memetic cult, centered around the number five. The exact origin of SCP-4547-B5 is unknown, but similar organizations were observed by the Tìhawnum prior to the end of the world. It is believed that these organizations heavily mutated following another K-Class Scenario, becoming SCP-4547-B5.

SCP-4547-B4-5 became infected with SCP-4547-B5, altering the details of its cult in order to follow the principles of SCP-4547-B5.

Further research has indicated [LETHAL INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED].




SCP-4547-B6 was an apex-tier pluripotent entity inimical to atmospheric conditions on SCP-4547. It is unclear how specifically, but SCP-4547-B6 was neutralized during the interchange of SCP-4547-B1.

Immediately following this, weather conditions of SCP-4547 greatly changed, with violent and intense meteorological events being observed at a high frequency. This included abnormally large storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and spontaneously generated hurricanes. These phenomena have not abated in the time between the neutralization of SCP-4547-B6 and present.

Approximately 70% of the society of SCP-4547 immediately died during the IK-Class Scenario initiated by SCP-4547-B1, and with another 20% dying shortly after as a result of the WK-Class Scenario caused by SCP-4547-B6. A large majority of these casualties were reanimated as SCP-4547-B2-ζ instances.

One year after the FK-Class Scenario, the remaining population of SCP-4547 was in the service of an SCP-4547-B4 instance, practicing cannibalism as a result of the complete famine caused by SCP-4547-B3.

Approximately five years after the FK-Class Scenario, the last taronyu on the surface of SCP-4547 died. At this point, almost all life on SCP-4547 was dead. The remaining life was predominately highly anomalous.

SCP-4547-C are all anomalous phenomena on SCP-4547 that are not included in SCP-4547-B. The majority of these phenomena are neutralized or destroyed following the collective effects of SCP-4547-B, but a limited number have been recovered. The majority remain on SCP-4547 and are not expected to require containment in any capacity.

The most notable of these is SCP-4547-C1, a now extinct xenoplant species that formerly possessed sapience and psionic abilities. When consumed by a taronyu, SCP-4547-C1 enhanced the psionic capacity of the consumer. SCP-4547-C1 was widely recognized on SCP-4547 as another intelligent life-form and highly integrated into society. However, SCP-4547-C1 was completely killed off by the effects of SCP-4547-B3.

Addendum 4547-1: Exploratory Mission Transcripts from SCP-4547

Addendum 4547-2: Deliberations on Findings of Exploratory Mission 4547.4

Addendum 4547-3: Ramifications of Decision E/O-71-T

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