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Item #: SCP-4544

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4544 is to remain within storage locker #4032 at Site-14. To prevent the further extension of SCP-4544's anomalous capabilities, storage locker #4032 is to be guarded and monitored via video at all times.

Any attempt to open or otherwise observe the contents of SCP-4544 is to be approved and overseen by Senior Researcher Dr. █████████ Senior Researcher Dr. Brooks. Any attempt to open SCP-4544 outside of a testing environment is strictly forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.

WARNING: The use of anomalous objects to observe the contents of SCP-4544 is forbidden. See document F:240.

Description: SCP-4544 is a rectangular lidded container made of cardboard with a Post-It note on its side reading "Please do not open". Details about the contents of SCP-4544 are unknown.

When any attempt is made to observe the contents of the container or remove the note, a seemingly unrelated event will occur to obstruct the attempt. SCP-4544 has demonstrated retro-causality editing capabilities, as these events may take place before the method of observation or removal is even conceived. Currently, the only known method of examining the contents is to weigh and shake the container, although this always yields results identical to an empty, non-anomalous shoe box.

Following the results of the experiment in Document F:241, either SCP-4544 or the contents within have shown the ability to communicate when threatened with destruction; however, this line of testing has been postponed indefinitely. A proposal to change the item's class from 'Safe' to 'Euclid' in light of this experiment is currently pending review.

As of ██/██/████, SCP-4544's anomalous properties have extended to the storage locker it is held within, rendering further testing nearly impossible.


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