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Item#: 4542
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An instance of SCP-4542

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4542 specimens are contained communally within Insectoid Containment Chamber 7 at Site-71 Parazoology Division. A monthly termination of 90% of the contained SCP-4542 population has been approved to ease containment requirements.

MTF Victor-17 ("Nature Boys") is to investigate potential sightings of SCP-4542 and terminate discovered instances through direct application of a specialized bendiocarb concentrate. For infestations that have reached an unmanageable size, this chemical will be applied via crop duster.

Description: SCP-4542 is a man-made, anomalous species of insect belonging to the suborder Caelifera which share key genetic attributes with the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus).

SCP-4542 is capable of consuming up to 20 grams of vegetation daily despite weighing only 3 grams. This body mass to food intake ratio is biologically impossible for a member of the Caelifera suborder. Testing has proven inconclusive in explaining this disparity in food intake and the weight required for it.

SCP-4542 eggs reach maturity within 24-hours, 300 times faster than the reproductive rate of other members of the Caelifera suborder. This reproductive cycle repeats every eight days.

The average lifespan of SCP-4542 is 10 years, with the oldest recorded instance living 13 years before expiring from natural causes. SCP-4542's lifespan directly correlates with the average lifespan of the European rabbit and is theorized to be caused by the presence of the rabbit's DNA.

Discovery: SCP-4542 was discovered on 06/02/1995, when news stories surfaced that the vegetation surrounding the town of Richmond, Kentucky, was devoured by a swarm of unknown insects. After Foundation Agents resolved the situation, the citizens of Yorkshire were administered amnestics.

Agents discovered the source of the SCP-4542 swarm originated from the ruins of a burned down house in Richmond, Kentucky. Records indicate the residence belonged to Craig Larson: a self-described amateur entomologist. Further investigation led to the discovery of a rental unit owned by Mr. Larson and used for the storage of SCP-4542 instances.

Addendum: Recovered information

Below is a set of recovered notes discovered in a notebook which belonged to Mr. Craig Larson.


Bella came over today. I showed her the new grasshopper I've added to my collection, but apparently it has scary eyes. So that’s about ten bugs she still doesn’t like.

Of course her mother's job as an executive chef is cool. But ol' dad just works at home on the computer and plays with his grubby insects.


She still thinks my hobby is "icky". Ever since the divorce she's been quiet with me, I just want daddy's little girl back…we used to be so close.

I've got to find a way. Bella's friend just got a pet bunny. She thinks those are cute.


Had a crazy idea today; a grasshopper-rabbit hybrid. It's cute, and an insect. Bella would love it.

But that's obviously ridiculous. Wait till the guys at the Bug Barn hear this idea, at least they'll get a laugh.


When I brought up my "bugs-bunny" to the guys, John said that he knew a guy that works on similar projects on the regular. Gave me his number.

I guess it won't hurt to try I have to give it a try. For Bella.


Talked to that guy on the phone, I didn't understand what he was going on about but he said he would ship me what I needed. Was a good price, too. I didn't understand the science behind it, he said I didn't have to; the instructions were in the box.

I hope this works out, Bella said she didn't want to come over this weekend. All of our friends sided with her mother and now Bella is too… I don't know how much more I can take.


The package finally came, with how crazy this all is I was starting to think it wouldn't come at all.

The instructions seem simple enough, I've acquired the rabbit and everything else I need is already here.

I told Bella I was doing a secret experiment just for her, she seemed really excited, but I can never tell. I just really hope I can pull this off.


Everything is all set up, it was pretty simple. Too simple. I am starting to have my doubts. Instructions say it will take a week, so we'll see. I really don't want to disappoint Bella, I know she thinks the divorce was my fault. I can't let her down again.


It WORKED! I checked on them yesterday morning and there were 2 of the little critters in the machine. They're growing faster than I thought they would, that must mean it was a success. They eat a lot, but they seem perfectly healthy. I have to keep it a secret for now but I really think I'm onto something here.

Bella is coming next week, I really hope she likes them.


SUCCESS! Bella came today and I think she actually liked her surprise. I can't believe this worked. Bella said she wants to come back next week. I can't believe I pulled this off!


The "Bug-Bunnies" laid eggs! There's at least a couple thousand eggs in the enclosure. Wait till Bella sees them tomorrow. If testing goes well during the next few weeks, I'll give her one for her birthday. She's gonna think I'm the coolest dad.


They have already hatched. When Bella and I came in this morning the enclosure was packed with them. I don't understand how they could grow so fast. Bella was excited to see them all, but I'm a tad worried. I don't know how I'll feed them all, or keep them a secret. I'll have to move everything to my storage unit. No one will find them there. I don't care how, but I have to make this work.

Fuck fuck FUCK! I can't believe I'm so stupid. I dropped the crate of bugs-bunnies while I was bringing them around to storage. Half of them flew off, they could be anywhere. I have to find them, the others are already laying eggs.


I can't believe this is happening. They're everywhere. I saw two different swarms off the highway, a swath of barren land behind them. What have I done? Bella is asking about her bunnies. I don't know what to tell her, she's gonna hate me.


The news said they've already eaten half the town, I'm so fucked. I can't stay here anymore, I'll burn the house down, they'll think I'm dead. I'll take Bella with me and I'll run.

Looks like military people started showing up in town today so I'm leaving the country probably for good. The house is gone, my life is over, I cant let my stupid selfish jealousy ruin Bella's life too. I'm leaving these notes in this storage unit, when you find these, please tell my daughter Bella that I love her and I'm sorry.

The inspection of Mr. Larson's storage unit found an infestation numbering close to 80,000. 50 of these were captured with the remaining instances being terminated. All attempts to locate Mr. Larson have proven unsuccessful. An investigation into the origin of the technology purchased by Mr. Larson is currently ongoing.

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