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The following file is Level 2/4541 Classified.
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Item#: 4541
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SCP-4541-2 instances within SCP-4541-1.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4541-1 is to be contained within a standard containment chamber. Retrieved SCP-4541-2 instances are to be contained in individual standard containment lockers that are to be monitored for any signs of resurgent anomalous activity. There is to be no further retrieval of SCP-4541-2 instances.

Description: SCP-4541 is a phenomenon affecting a standard arcade claw crane, which is designated as SCP-4541-1. SCP-4541-1 is unable to be damaged or dismantled, and all attempts to forcefully open the flap leading to SCP-4541-1's prize collection chute have failed. Placing an object within SCP-4541-1's chute and elevating the object into the display area results in the object disappearing.

SCP-4541-2 refers to a set of animate and sapient stuffed animals of various designs and brands within SCP-4541-1. SCP-4541-2 instances are capable of autonomous movement, but typically remain motionless in the presence of humans. Additionally, SCP-4541-2 instances are capable of speech,1 although their voices are low enough that they cannot be heard from outside of SCP-4541-1. If SCP-4541-1 is activated and its claw is used to place an SCP-4541-2 instance into SCP-4541-1's prize collection chute, the flap leading to the chute will be able to be opened. Within the chute will be the SCP-4541-2 instance removed of its stuffing, and the instance will no longer display anomalous properties.

SCP-4541-2-A is a heavily damaged SCP-4541-2 instance that is a stuffed snake, and is located underneath the other SCP-4541-2 instances under most circumstances. Unlike most SCP-4541-2 instances, SCP-4541-2-A has not been observed vocalizing at any time. When SCP-4541-1 is activated, SCP-4541-2-A typically attempts to reach the top of the pile of SCP-4541-2 instances and maneuver itself to be grabbed by the SCP-4541-1 instance's claw arm. All of SCP-4541-2-A's recorded attempts at this have been thwarted by other SCP-4541-2 instances, which obstruct and restrain SCP-4541-2-A and pull it back underneath themselves.

Addendum-4541-01: After retrieval of two SCP-4541-2 instances, a recording device was placed at the bottom of SCP-4541-1's prize collection chute. The following transcript is comprised of camera footage from SCP-4541-1's containment chamber and video and audio received from the device within SCP-4541-1.

Addendum-4541-02: Strands of hair were discovered within some SCP-4541-2 instances during analysis after their retrievals from SCP-4541-1. DNA tests revealed that each of these individual instances contained hair with unique DNA signatures, although no DNA signatures match any known individual. Despite this, further analysis identified the parents of each of the hypothetical individuals who match the hairs' DNA signatures. Investigations revealed that the majority of the hypothetical parents appeared to be or used to be in stable marital relationships, although none had any children.

Addendum-4541-03: After the majority of SCP-4541-2 instances were retrieved from SCP-4541-1, SCP-4541-1 disappeared from containment on 7/24/2003 and reappeared in its chamber the subsequent day. Within SCP-4541-1 was a new set of SCP-4541-2 instances. These instances notably show identical behavior towards SCP-4541-2-A as the previous instances. Also similarly to the previous instances, hair strands were found within new instances retrieved from SCP-4541-1. Analysis revealed that they are also from unique individuals and do not match any known individuals.

No hair strands between either set of SCP-4541-2 instances share a DNA signature. Retrieval of SCP-4541-2 instances for research purposes has been halted.

Addendum-4541-04: An investigation produced results that identified the owners of the hair strands recovered from SCP-4541-2 instances, and indicated possible origins for SCP-4541.

All personnel with knowledge of the investigation fail to remember the results and most details of it, indicating possible anti-memetic interference.2 Additionally, all physical records of the investigation and all materials gathered from the investigation are currently lost for unknown reasons. The only known remaining sources of information regarding the investigation are digital logs of the investigation that were created and updated throughout it. These logs have been compiled, and may be accessed below.

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