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SCP-DECI, shortly after recovery

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Every numerical designation or dimension relating to SCP-DECI must be communicated through simile or metaphor.

SCP-DECI is to be kept in a standard locker in site Mambo. The locker’s door must be painted bright pink. A strip of the aforementioned pink paint is to direct the path from SCP-DECI's locker, through Break Room Delta, to the entrance of Site Mambo. Personnel working with SCP-DECI are to follow this path exactly, and not make any attempt to make any numeric-based directions. No other pink-colored objects are allowed on Site Mambo.

Personnel who are attending to SCP-DECI must read through document SCP-DECI-REF until any phrase within evokes the attached number. Any personnel who have been exposed to SCP-DECI within the last week will be required to undergo an elementary mathematics skill assessment. These assessments will be obtained by personnel at the beginning and end of each shift.

Test material for the personnel of SCP-DECI must be created and graded by personnel unaware of SCP-DECI's effects.

Description: SCP-DECI is a Casio brand calculator, though the exact model is unclear. SCP-DECI was found with a detachable cover, which has the word "Malinda" written on it. Both the case and the calculator show signs of grime and water damage, but this does not seem to impede its function. When an individual attempts to write or communicate numbers related to SCP-DECI, the numbers produced are not the numbers intended. Moreover, when in a small radius of SCP-DECI, no person can correctly communicate any number to another. Attempts to do so will result in inaccurate numbers being communicated. SCP-DECI cannot alter numeric results if they are expressed in a format SCP-DECI has not previously been exposed to. After a few questions, however, SCP-DECI will begin to attempt to misdirect, though it may struggle to produce convincing wrong answers with the format.

So far, SCP-DECI has been shown to tamper with:

  • Decimal systems
  • Binary systems
  • Roman Numerals ('learned' during containment, see Test SCP-DECI-DELTA)
  • English text of numbers
  • French text of numbers
  • Spoken English
  • Spoken French
  • Hexadecimal numbers (though it cannot convincingly produce fake results as of the time of writing)

At first, the effects only apply to communication. All Nearly all subjects exposed to SCP-DECI for less than a fortnight will realize that the number they communicated is incorrect, and not what they intended to write.

However, increased exposure can cause the effect to become more thoroughly ingrained in the subject's psyche. In this state, subjects lose all ability to correctly calculate, count, write or read numbers in any situation, and will believe their mistaken numbers are correct beyond all reason. This effect dissipates if the subject is either administered amnestics sufficient to erase the span of exposure from their memory, or kept away from SCP-DECI for a time roughly equal to their exposure.

Recovery: SCP-DECI was retrieved from a pond on the grounds of █████ High School, in New South Wales, Australia after the school made local news. An entire year of students, undertaking their end-of-year exams, failed to produce any correct answers on their mathematics test. Malinda ███████, a student at the school who participated, claimed to have purchased SCP-DECI shortly before the test.

Note from Doctor David Patel:

After the tests and events leading up to - and including - Incident SCP-DECI-Beta, I believe that SCP-DECI may possess sentience. Dr. Andrews had been assigned to SCP-DECI for less than a day, and yet he showed symptoms consistent with people exposed to SCP-DECI for far longer.

If it was SCP-DECI, then its range and onset time can both reach levels far greater than we initially believed. Until we establish those true limits, daily tests of mathematical skill are mandatory for anyone working with SCP-DECI.

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