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Item#: 4536
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4536 is currently believed to be restricted to SCP-4536-1. As a result of its own anomalous properties, coverup of SCP-4536 is not deemed necessary. All attempts to remove SCP-4536 from SCP-4536-1 have ended in failure.

Foundation webcrawler Urchin.aic is to search for hunting and fishing related keywords to locate items sold at SCP-4536-1 deemed noticeably anomalous, to be confiscated by Foundation Agents and the relevant parties amnesticized. Items are to be stored at Storage Site-64.

Description: SCP-4536 is a male humanoid of Nahua descent claiming to be the Aztec Deity Opochtli.. An Aztec God of fishing, hunting and sailors It is usually seen naked, covered in a black pigment, with a large number of ornamental quail feathers on its face, an appearance that matches Aztec depictions of Opochtli. SCP-4536 has several minor anomalous abilities, including:

  • The ability to spontaneously create rain above the 20th parallel North.Assumed to be 'North' of Mexico City
  • Spontaneous sinistromanuality in mammals within 10m of SCP-4536
  • A mild memetic filter causing those unaware of SCP-4536's anomalous effects to perceive its appearance as normal
  • Inability to be removed from the ground of SCP-4536-1, reappearing in an 'Exterior King' room within the Big Cyprus Lodge
  • An anomalous degree of success with fishing and hunting equipment sold at SCP-4536-1
  • Ownership of SCP-4536-1, despite no secondary evidence corroborating such a purchase

SCP-4536-1 is the Memphis Pyramid, a 32 story megastore that contains restaurants, target sports ranges, a hotel and a 'Bass Pro Shop' fishing and hunting equipment store. Ostensibly, it is owned by the city of Memphis and leased to the Bass Pro Shop company, however both parties deny current ownership of it, claiming it was sold in 2018 to a 'Tlaloque LLC'. No further proof of this company exists.

Addendum 1: Sample of items recovered from SCP-4536-1:

Item Anomalous effect
Mitchell Tanger Camo Spin Combo Fishing Rod Junior Researcher Max Jones caught only Micropterus salmoides,.Largemouth Bass in 20 trials. Line was found to survive stresses beyond its typical capabilities.
.22 Winchester Magnum Researcher Sarah Houlihan, no shooting experience, consistently hits targets at 30m, showing proficiency beyond professed skill.
Hot Shot Deluxe Ghillie Suit Minor antimemetic effect made the wearer imperceptible when viewed from 20m or further.
Baseball cap reading "Women want me, Fish fear me." In an 8 hour period, Junior Researcher Jones was unsuccessful in catching any fish. Researcher Houlihan has been reprimanded for inappropriate workplace conduct.

Addendum 2: Interview with SCP-4536:

Since SCP-4536's discovery in 2018, Foundation efforts to contact SCP-4536 were unsuccessful until 04/03/2021. Foundation Agent Fabio Kuxim made contact posing as a member of the Internal Revenue Service.

<Begin Log>

Agent Kuxim enters a large room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large round table with 30 seats. Only Agent Kuxim and SCP-4536, wearing a black three-piece suit and a paper crown with several green feathers sticking out of it, are present.

Agent Kuxim: Thank you for meeting with us on such short notice, Mr…

SCP-4536: Opochtli will suffice.

Agent Kuxim: Mr. Opochtli. Just a few routine questions to start. Ever since your ownership of the Memphis Building, reported revenue has been increasing by the double digits a month. That's very unusual - why is that?

SCP-4536: What can I say? People like picking up what I put down, and the tourists are really coming into swing too. Eating out in a giant pyramid is quite the selling point.

Agent Kuxim: Tourists? In February?

SCP-4536 appears lightly nervous, pacing and remaining silent.

Agent Kuxim: What we're worried about is that people like what you're putting down too much. Are you aware—

SCP-4536: Everything here's above the table, icniuhtli. You don't spend millions buying the Great American Pyramid to fudge the numbers once you get there!

Agent Kuxim: That's the problem, Mr. Opochtli. Frankly, we aren't even sure you even bought it at all.

SCP-4536 stops walking and stares at Agent Kuxim.

Agent Kuxim: Records show a major increase in the sale of hunting and fishing equipment. I assume you know why that is.

SCP-4536: They have my blessing.

Agent Kuxim: Your blessing?

SCP-4536: The Mexica gave ritual 800 years ago, and I bestowed upon them technology like they had never considered. Harpoons, snares, fishing nets and canoes. I nurtured them and they sustained me. Ages have come, Ages have passed, and man wishes for more than a spear.

Agent Kuxim: The Aztec are gone. Nobody is sacrificing to Opotchtli now.

SCP-4536: The Snakes and Coyoltlahtolli.Nahuatl for 'Tongue of the Coyote'. A term used by Aztec city-states to describe Spanish Conquistadors. have long since crushed my people and their rituals, perhaps. No more may shamans drink wine and feast in my name for a bountiful hunt, but make no mistake. I persist.

SCP-4536 turns away from Agent Kuxim to face the windows.

SCP-4536: Now the Americans come to my pyramid. My modern teocalli. They drink beer and they feast under my roof as they pray for a good day's fishing. You cannot put an end to the Teotl with a holy book or with sulfur and gunpowder. As long as one Mexica breathes, so shall I.

Agent Kuxim: I—

SCP-4536: You may leave, Fabio.

<End Log>

No further attempts at communication have been successful.

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