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Item #: SCP-4535

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4535 is to be contained within a standard anomalous objects containment vault. Testing requires approval from one Level 3 personnel or higher. All instances of SCP-4535-01 are to be kept under guard at Site-48, where they are to be put to work as Level-0 Foundation employees.

It is recommended that experiments on SCP-4535 be conducted with subjects that are single, without children or close family, and above sixty years of age. Furthermore, as several reclassification requests to Thaumiel have been denied, it is categorically prohibited for these subjects to be Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-4535 is an electromechanical device composed of two ellipsoidal chambers (hereafter referred to as antechamber and pod) with opaque glass doors, both measuring 3mx1mx1m along the axes. The anomalous effect triggers when the pod is filled with at least 185 kg of raw meat and a human being, hereafter prime subject, lies within the antechamber. Thereafter release of sleeping gas puts the prime subject into a particularly deep sleep lasting 14-16 hours. Upon awakening, the prime subject will emerge unharmed out of the antechamber and a further half-hour later, an instance of SCP-4535-01 will come out of the pod. SCP-4535-01 looks identical to the prime subject, possesses the same memories as the prime subject, and will believe itself to be the prime subject.

It was initially hypothesized that SCP-4535 is a cloning machine. However, subsequent analysis has pinpointed several ways in which SCP-4535-01s differ from the prime subjects:

  • SCP-4535-01s display increased intelligence, with the size of the increase ranging from 42-51% depending on the test and metric. Higher intelligence of the prime subject has been found to be associated with a larger cognitive gain.
  • SCP-4535-01s are significantly more conflict-averse compared to the prime subjects. Laboratory experiments have shown SCP-4535-01s are more likely to deescalate personal disagreements; the effect is strongest with in-person interactions. Likely as a consequence, in Milgram-style experiments SCP-4535-01s were approximately 70-80% quicker to press a button causing serious harm to an unknown participant to avoid a personal confrontation with the researcher directing the experiment.
  • Sleep activity features a higher ratio of deep sleep relative to REM and light sleep. As a result, SCP-4535-01s are typically awake 19-20 hours per day.
  • Due to a previously unseen mechanism of cellular decay, the lifespan of SCP-4535-01s ranges from 7.4 to 8.2 years. During this time, SCP-4535-01 do not appear to age.
  • Each SCP-4535-01 exhibits a strong desire to please the first three human beings seen upon emergence from the pod. Experiments have shown that SCP-4535-01s experience large oxytocin spikes when interacting with these individuals.

SCP-4535 was recovered from the ruins of a Prometheus Labs facility in Fairbanks, Alaska. No documentation on SCP-4535 was found in the facility, with the exception of several copies of a flyer recovered from the mailroom. Efforts to reverse engineer the operation of SCP-4535 are currently ongoing.

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