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Item #: SCP-4534

Object Class: Euclid


The apartment of PoI-4534 upon discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4534 are to be kept in a standard Safe-class object containment unit. A new compatible photograph is to be added to SCP-4534 every 24 hours for surveillance on SCP-4534-A. Upon transformation into an instance of SCP-4534, they are to be numbered and sorted appropriately. New instances of SCP-4534-A are to be immediately identified and monitored by undercover agents. To prevent further abductions and the spread of SCP-4534 instances, an investigation into the whereabouts of PoI-4534 is ongoing.

Description: SCP-4534 refers to a collection of printed photographs (designated sequentially beginning from SCP-4534-11) always depicting one of five young women (SCP-4534-A-1 to SCP-4534-A-5) shot from various angles and in numerous settings.

The anomalous effects of SCP-4534 manifest when an instance is brought into close range of any nonanomalous printed photograph(s) between the sizes of A7 and A2.2 The content of such photos will be instantly altered into a unique image of the current SCP-4534-A instance, taken at the exact time of alteration. At this point, the altered photograph is a new SCP-4534 instance.

Discovery: Following the disappearance of a girl as well as reports of loud screaming and a struggle, local police in ███ ██████████, Germany performed a search of a suspect's apartment on 2017.01.12. The apartment was found hastily abandoned by the suspect. In it, over 6000 instances of SCP-4534 were discovered spread across most rooms3. Notably, the bedroom contained almost exclusively photographs depicting SCP-4534-A instances bathing, sleeping or changing.

The master bathroom was outfitted with a reinforced door lockable from the outside, a torn mattress and a pet food bowl. The showerhead showed traces of blood belonging to a man4, as well as a dent. The toilet seat, as well as a portion of the ground next to the door, were smeared with the blood of a woman. A tooth of the woman was also found under the toilet. In addition to this, a knife with the same woman's DNA was retrieved from another room. The officers took several of the stashed pictures to their station as evidence and discovered the anomalous effects when images of the scene taken by them were converted. A Foundation asset reported the anomaly.

While a polaroid camera was found in the apartment it has exhibited no anomalous attributes and failed to create new instances of SCP-4534. All instances were taken to Site-403 for investigation and all involved officers were interrogated. The owner of the apartment, a man named Franz Pirsch, has been declared the prime suspect for the creation of SCP-4534-1 and has been designated PoI-4534.

Addendum 4534.1: Overview of photograph contents
Dr Charlotte Beuthe, Head Researcher for SCP-4534, has arranged all instances of SCP-4534 in apparent chronological order. The table below gives a broad overview of the contents of SCP-4534-1 to SCP-4534-6121, sorted by depicted SCP-4534-A.

Number Time Span Notable Contents Additional Notes Subject
1-843 2-3 Months SCP-4534-54 is the first instance with sexually explicit content. In SCP-4534-843, SCP-4534-A-1 is seen kissing a man in a night club.   Testing has found traces of semen on SCP-4534-54 and almost all instances of its kind. SCP-4534-A-1 has been reported missing on 2015.05.22. SCP-4534-A-1.jpg
Katharina Netz
844-932 2 Weeks In SCP-4534-928, SCP-4534-A-2 is seen in a hair salon and has blue hair in the remaining 3 instances depicting her. "Seems like PoI-4534 has some pretty strong preferences."
- Dr Beuthe
Hilda Fänger
929-3017 12-16 Months SCP-4534-A-3 displays behaviour typical for severe depression in several instances. SCP-4534-2993 to SCP-4534-3017 appear to be taken within a short time span and depict SCP-4534-A-3 at night on her way home.5
The last instance, SCP-4534-3017, shows the subject walking into an alleyway.
Instances showing SCP-4534-A-3 during apparent depressive episodes have crude angel wings and halos drawn on them. SCP-4534-A-3 has been reported missing since 2016.09.26. SCP-4534-A-3.jpg
Mia Suchig
3018-4602 3-5 Months SCP-4534-A-4 is mostly seen at work. SCP-4534-4586 - SCP-4534-4602 depict the subject working in her cubicle. With SCP-4534-4597 being taken at an angle that shows the computer screen clearly, it is visible that SCP-4534-A-4 was looking up the home address of PoI-4534. SCP-4534-A-4 is a police officer of the local force and was at the time leading the investigation into SCP-4534-A-3's and SCP-4534-A-1's disappearances. On 2017.01.07 (The date correlating to SCP-4534-4586 to SCP-4534-4602.)6 SCP-4534-A-4 has gone missing. She was not seen leaving her cubicle prior to her disappearance. SCP-4534-A-4.jpg
Renate Folgt
4603-6121   8-13 Months SCP-4534-A-5 is often seen with a male partner, that is confirmed to be Simon Unbeteil, an attendant of the same school as SCP-4534-A-5. Images containing them are in generally poor condition, being crumpled, torn or apparently punctured by a knife.   SCP-4534-A-5.jpg
Annabelle Flüchter

Addendum 4534.2: Incident Report SCP-4534 2017.09.19 At 15:00 on 2017.09.19, the generated instance of SCP-4534 did not depict SCP-4534-A-5 as expected, but instead depicts a new subject, designated SCP-4534-A-6. SCP-4534-A-5 has been reported missing, and a disinformation campaign is currently being carried out.

SCP-4534-A-6 is Dr Charlotte Beuthe, formerly Head Researcher for SCP-4534. She has been dismissed from her position and all responsibilities and is now accommodated in an Expanded Human Containment Unit and under constant surveillance. As it is currently not known how SCP-4534-A instances seemingly disappear, the investigation into the whereabouts of PoI-4534 has been upgraded to a Level-3 priority in an effort to prevent a major data breach through the abduction of SCP-4534-A-6.

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