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Entrance to SCP-4530, photo recovered from an online source regarding the disappearance of ████ ███

Item #: SCP-4530

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4530 is to be patrolled and monitored by Stationary Task Force Sigma-2 ('Lynch Mob'), who are to maintain a 5 kilometer area of exclusion around SCP-4530. Site-10's Communications Unit are to ensure that no touring civilians explore the Tygarts State Forest.

All persons found near or within the limits of this border are to be vacated from the premises. All evidence regarding disappearances linked to SCP-4530 is to be taken and documented.

Should an Aradia Event occur, personnel are to administer C-Class amnestics to the parents, families, and friends of children that have undergone the event. No personnel are to obstruct any children undergoing an Aradia Event. Foundation Webcrawler ('WICCAN') is to search and remove any online references, images, and articles pertaining to missing persons and disappearances of children in Olive Hill.

Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to enter SCP-4530. Should any persons or personnel enter SCP-4530, these persons are to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-4530 designates a wooded area of space located within the Tygarts State Forest of Olive Hill, Kentucky. The region exhibits varying degrees of numerous types of anomalies1. This list includes, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy distortion of video quality, generation loss, and fluctuating electromagnetic interference.
  • Sapient organisms experiencing paranoia and anxiety.
  • The appearance of animal corpses belonging to that of the domestic pig2 and the Hebridean sheep3. These animals appear across SCP-4530 in various states of decay. Most of these corpses have consisted of skulls decoratively strewn across the ground.
  • Sounds described as shrieking, whispering, and laughter. In some cases, audio recording devices will not pick up on these sounds save for sapient individuals within SCP-4530.
  • Disappearances of persons entering SCP-4530.
  • The appearance and disappearance of SCP-4530-1 from within the borders of SCP-4530.

SCP-4530-1 is an entity that resides within SCP-4530; individual eyewitness reports consist of a young and attractive woman located within the forest4. SCP-4530-1 provokes a fear response in sapient beings if seen.

An Aradia Event is an event wherein five children (ages between 3 to 14) are randomly selected across a localized region that prompts them to wake up at a certain time (in some cases, at approximately 3:00 AM), leave their homes and walk to the location of SCP-4530. Intervals between events can range anywhere from weeks to years5.

Addendum-4530.1: First Contact

SCP-4530 was discovered in 1984, following the disappearance of a young woman named Megan Faye. According to the Kentucky State Police Department, Mrs. Faye had left her apartment on November 27, 1982 at 3:00 AM. Mrs. Faye had entered the region of SCP-4530 and never returned. Eyewitness accounts claimed that she walked barefoot all the way to the region. Police led a three-man investigation into the forest the following morning but never returned.

A sampling of the missing persons posters can be found below.

Addendum-4530.2: Exploration Log Transcripts

Addendum-4530.3: Recovery/Interview log

On 26/03/1997, all video files taken of SCP-4530 had became corrupted. An entire unit was established for the purpose of exploring SCP-4530's inner regions and to recover the original cartridges. Mobile Task Force Nu-10 ('Raynham Hallmarks') was sent into SCP-4530.

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