A section of the main playground outside SCP-4529.

Item #: SCP-4529

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The boundaries of SCP-4529 and Herbert Baker Elementary School in Edmonton, Canada have been sealed off. Onsite guards are to dissuade any civilians attempting to trespass onto SCP-4529's premises. Should any individual or group of individuals be seen emerging from SCP-4529, they are to be detained and administered Class-B amnestics prior to release.

Description: SCP-4529 is a forest neighboring the playground of Herbert Baker Elementary School, situated in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Anomalous effects manifest when any individual who has graduated public elementary school travels into SCP-4529. When line of sight is broken with this individual, they will appear to vanish from any external observer's view. To the individual, however, SCP-4529 will appear to continue for much deeper than it should. After traversing between 50 to 150 meters, the forest will seamlessly connect to an extradimensional location, hereafter denoted as SCP-4529-1.

SCP-4529-1 is a location which resembles the current state of the visitor's elementary school playground.1 SCP-4529-1 is a near-identical copy of the original playground; however, numerous factors differentiate the two, including weather, air pressure, and temperature, and no other humans other than the visitor have been observed.

Occasionally, SCP-4529-1 will visually, auditorily, and tactually "replay" certain memorable aspects of the visitor's experiences during elementary school, although without the presence of humans. These can include swings being pushed without any notable source, sounds of children sliding down a slide, footsteps appearing on the playground's mulch, and the chatter of conversing children. No specific words have ever been attained from said conversations, however, and these manifestations will typically last for only a couple of seconds.

After returning from SCP-4529-1, visitors usually report a feeling of warmth and nostalgia while traversing SCP-4529-1, though this can be attributable to the emotional effects of revisiting a location common to the individual's childhood, and not to any inherently cognitohazardous elements of SCP-4529-1 itself.


Herbert Baker Elementary School, 12/09/2004.

Addendum 4529.1 — Discovery and Acquisition: SCP-4529 first came to the Foundation's notice shortly after the opening of Herbert Baker Elementary School to the general public. On 10/06/2004, a teacher reported that he had wandered into SCP-4529 after school and came across a park of similar layout to his old elementary school playground. As this additional playground was not addressed within the park's blueprints, Foundation operatives were quickly notified of potential anomalous activity, and all personnel employed at Herbert Baker Elementary School were promptly relocated to other schools. The elementary school was subsequently closed off after the Foundation's dissemination of falsified reports of a toxic waste spill.

Addendum 4529.2 — Initial Exploration Log of SCP-4529: On 10/19/2004, shortly after SCP-4529 came under Foundation custody, MTF Tau-3 ("Trailblazers")2 was sent into SCP-4529 in order to provide preliminary observations about the park.

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