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Item #: SCP-4521

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4521 is to be kept in Site-551's Bioterrarium and only accessible by personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher. Additionally, attempts are to be made daily in an attempt to provoke vocalizations from SCP-4521.

Description: SCP-4521 is a Douglas fir tree with abnormal shape and leaves. SCP-4521 was discovered within God's Silence, Oregon after reports of an "ear piercing silence" from within the tree's vicinity. Amnestics were administered, and SCP-4521 was transported by implanted Foundation agents to Site-551.

Currently, SCP-4521's anomalous property is that it is incapable of screaming. No apparatuses are found on SCP-4521 that allow it to scream, and attempting to create one has been met with failure (see testing log). Attempts are being made to provoke screaming within SCP-4521.

No memetic or cognitohazardous phenomena originate from or affect SCP-4521. Multiple attempts using several other anomalies have been made to detect any screaming, but no screaming was detected.

Test Log: The following are attempts made by on-site personnel to eliminate SCP-4521's anomalous ability.

Test 1: Carve a mouth on SCP-4521.

Outcome: Several holes were placed upon SCP-4521 using a chainsaw. No screaming appears to emanate from these holes.

Test 2: Use an extremely hot branding iron to imprint the word "SLAVE" onto the base of the tree.

Outcome: No screaming detected. Brand disappeared within 2 days time.

Test 3: Place multiple species of spiders upon SCP-4521's base.

Outcome: No screaming detected. Approximately 30% continued to stay on the tree. 50% of the spiders that stayed burrowed further into the tree. No screaming was detected during this time.

Test 4: Take a tree that is genetically similar/related to SCP-4521, and slowly destroy it in a close radius around it.

Outcome: Tree successfully destroyed over the course of 28 hours. No screaming detected.

Test 5: Take a tree that is genetically similar/related to SCP-4521, and [REDACTED].

Outcome: [REDACTED BY REQUEST OF ETHICS COMMITTEE]. No screaming detected.

Test 6: Use a D-Class personnel under the effects of mnestics in the event that SCP-4521's screaming is antimemetic.

Outcome: No screaming detected.

Test 7: Attempt to communicate with SCP-4521.

Outcome: See attached audio file.



Dr. Hanz: Uh… hello, SCP-4521. Can you hear me?


Dr. Hanz: Did you say something?


Dr. Hanz: Oh, that was my imagination. I'm sorry.


Dr. Hanz: Listen… do you want to talk? Do you have something on your mind? Just let it out.


Dr. Hanz: Come on, it's not healthy to bottle up, You can tell me, I'm friendly.


Dr. Hanz: D-do you not have a reason to… you know…


Dr. Hanz: I do hope those thoughts in your head are doing you well, but they need to be let out. This is for your own good, I promise. Don't worry about making too much noise, I don't mind.


Dr. Hanz: Can you hear me? Can you even hear me while you're trapped in your mind? Can you see me through the foggy, muddy waters that are your eyes?


Dr. Hanz: Come on, the deafening silence is killing me! If you don't want to speak, or at least scream, the tests will continue. It's only healthy.


Dr. Hanz: P-please! You're scaring me!


Dr. Hanz: Y-you know… when I was a kid, I… I assaulted a kid. I took a bike lock and crushed his skull in. It went on for 6 minutes before being stopped by one of his friends, who I also clocked in the head. I went down the street, and I saw this lady. She fell off her bike. It was the same bike I stole the bike lock from.


Dr. Hanz: I took that bike, cut it up into several small, tingly pieces, and fed her the bike, over the course of several hours. She just laid there with her broken leg, and her stomach eventually ruptured. The black ooze that dripped from her stomach indicated that someone might have called the cops, so I went home, and locked my room. Do you want to know what I did?


Dr. Hanz: I screamed. I opened my mouth and let out the largest roar that was trapped at the bottom of my lungs. All those wasted opportunities, all those memories, fading away as the calming ring of my torn voice box filled the room. And look where I ended up! I got a doctorate and I'm working for one of the best organizations on Earth. It's not too late!


Dr. Hanz: Or… you haven't felt that thrill yet, haven't you. Typical. Outcasts like you, born in some random remote part of Siberia, no other individual in sight. You're too weak to impress anyone, so you just stay by yourself. I see your game.


Dr. Hanz: But I can help you! You need to scream!


Dr. Hanz: You need to scream! You need to scream! You need to scream!

Dr. Hanz proceeds to say the exact same phrase for 37 hours before being escorted out by onsite guards in order to prevent death by dehydration.

After waking from a short 4 hour nap, Dr. Hanz promised that he "will not stop until this tree finally screams." Testing is to continue.


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