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Thumbnail1 for SCP-4515 instance #023, titled The Human DNA Paradox.

Item #: SCP-4515

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Internet video hosting sites and social media platforms are to be monitored for any new instances of SCP-4515 using neural network analysis bot Iota-75 ("Brain Candy"). Any found instances are to be downloaded to a remote storage device for cataloging and expunged from all related sites. All individuals known to have viewed the instance in question are to be detained and transferred to Site-401 for standard humanoid containment until further notice. Cataloged videos are not to be viewed at this time.

Additionally, all efforts are to be dedicated to locating the source behind every instance of SCP-4515 as well as any information regarding SCP-4515-A. Research into reversing the effects of SCP-4515 is currently underway; all research inquiries are to be directed towards lead researcher Dr. Hightower.

Description: SCP-4515 is the designation given to a series of internet videos created in the style of the popular educational YouTube channel, Vsauce. While the format for SCP-4515 instances mirrors that of the original series, the topics featured in each instance differ wildly from that of a typical Vsauce video.

SCP-4515-A refers to the anomalous humanoid entity featured in every video. This entity, by all accounts, looks identical to the host of the show that SCP-4515 is based on. The host of the official channel, hereby referred to as PoI-4515, expresses no knowledge of any of these videos.

SCP-4515 manifests itself on any website that allows video hosting, ranging from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, to unorthodox ones such as PornHub or pirated media hosts. The manifestations do not seem to follow a pattern, as the time between uploads and the site on which each instance appears is different every time. Locating the source of these videos thus far has been unsuccessful, as the IP addresses of each uploader point to unique locations that do not exist.

Following Incident 4515-Alpha, access to archives of SCP-4515 has been restricted to research purposes only. Any and all requests for access must be sent to lead researcher Dr. Hightower.

Addendum 4515.1: Examples of SCP-4515 videos:

Addendum 4515.2: Incident Report 4515-Alpha:
On 11/12/201█, reports of cult activity located inside an abandoned warehouse emerged in Kansas City, Missouri. Foundation agents were sent to investigate while a disinformation campaign and general Class-A amnestics were deployed to the local population as needed.

Upon reaching the warehouse, the officers called for backup when they found a group of 15 people all bearing facial structures similar to PoI-4515. They found the group crowded around a pile of wooden boxes set up in the middle of the warehouse. Resting on top of the boxes, a human male was cut open with his heart and genitals missing, surrounded by various educational paraphernalia. Four lines shaped in the style of the Vsauce logo were painted on the ground, bearing the consistency of a green viscous liquid. Later tests revealed the liquid to have the same chemical makeup as Nickelodeon brand toy slime.

All members were detained and brought in for questioning.

Addendum 4515.3: On 11/15/201█, PoI-4515 was contacted to determine his involvement with the recent events.

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