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Item#: 4512
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Photo of SCP-4512 as it appeared in St. Cloud, MN. Prior to SCP-4512's appearance, the space was approximately a third the size and occupied by a swing-set and the occupant's dog.1

Special Containment Procedures: Attempts at containing SCP-4512 have previously been unsuccessful. Current containment procedures include the following process:

  • Formation of Mobile Task Force Iota-9 "Pool Boys" to track all appearances of SCP-4512 and follow its demands.
  • Creation of HL-LVR aka Hukilau Lover, a world wide web crawler to find any forum posts, news articles, social media posts, etc. pertaining to the appearance of SCP-4512.

Description: SCP-4512 is a 40 square meter sapient swimming pool capable of instantaneous translocation. SCP-4512 exclusively manifests in the rear exterior spaces of homes2 in landlocked areas and appears to specifically target the U.S state of Minnesota. During an SCP-4512 manifestation event, the rear exterior space of the home will anomalously expand if necessary to accommodate SCP-4512, at which point SCP-4512 will appear fully depressed into the ground. In 100% of all SCP-4512 manifestations, it has appeared filled with garbage, refuse, plant life, and various objects of unknown origin, regardless of its state of cleanliness prior to its previous demanifestation.

Objects consistent across all SCP-4512 manifestations include imitation Hawaiian leis, plastic coconut shells, cocktail glasses, bathing suits, and sun lotion bottles.

Other objects of note found within SCP-4512 include:

  • 1 Apple II Computer
  • 5 shirts with "Metal and Soul" written on the front in marker
  • 1 tattered Polish flag
  • 2 Motorolla cell phones
  • 4 bottles of Kirkland brand white wine (empty)
  • 1 bag of milk
  • 5 lunar rocks
  • 3 left boots dated to the 18th century
  • 16 grams of bonobo fur
  • 2 deceased swans
  • 1 copy of the novel "Fargo"
  • 2 dishwashers
  • 1 Foundation ID card
  • 29 saltwater crabs (deceased)

Once SCP-4512 has fully manifested, it will begin vocalizing3 to nearby individuals in an attempt to persuade them to approach. If an individual does approach, SCP-4512 will engage in conversation with them, attempting to strike a bargain. This bargain will usually involve SCP-4512 giving up one or more items found within its water in exchange for the individual cleaning out the entirety of SCP-4512's interior.

If the individual refuses the initial offer, SCP-4512 will offer sequentially more valuable objects while vocalizations increase in outrage about the perceived injustice against it. These vocalizations will grow louder with time to an indefinite maximum. The highest recorded volume from SCP-4512 surpassed the ability for current measuring tools to document. However, the intensity has been recorded to cause an earthquake measured 5 on the Richter scale.

Once SCP-4512 has been cleaned to its satisfaction, a demanifestation event will occur. The space once occupying SCP-4512 will return to its previous dimensions with no lasting evidence of SCP-4512's occupation.

Addendum 4512-1: Containment Attempts

The following lists all proposed and attempted containment procedures as well as their outcomes. Additionally, the date of the proposal and number of recorded instances of SCP-4512 manifesting in a new location4 are included.

Interview Log 4512-8

During a routine containment attempt, Researcher Kalama was prompted to engage SCP-4512 in conversation while MTF Iota-9 observed standard procedure. Selection of Kalama was due to their familiarity with the Hawaiian language, which SCP-4512 has been observed to use words and phrases in.
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