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Item #: SCP-451

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-451's current state, physical containment is not feasible. Extensive study of Agent J████'s psychological profile has allowed researchers to provide him with a mental task in order to keep him at Site-19. A security detail of two guards must accompany SCP-451 at all times in order to prevent attempts to access or release other potentially dangerous objects contained on-site. Any research into SCP-451 should be restricted to determining ways to contain or communicate with him.

Description: SCP-451, formerly Agent M█████ J████, is a Caucasian male, 33 years of age and 1.6 m tall. SCP-451 can not perceive the presence or actions of other human beings. Changes made to the immediate environment are generally not noted by SCP-451 unless his attention is elsewhere for any arbitrary period of time. Certain changes to SCP-451's surroundings are misinterpreted, including all attempts to communicate with him and any clear evidence of direct human intervention. Study may be necessary to determine a pattern in what is perceived and what is not.

SCP-451 appeared at Site-19, one month after he was declared MIA following a failed attempt to retrieve a dangerous artifact. The actions of SCP-451 were found to be consistent with stress responses indicated in Agent J████'s psychological profile. Reports of petty thefts and "ghost sightings" between the artifact's location and Site-19 suggest that SCP-451 traveled here on foot, taking what resources were at hand. The artifact itself remains at large.

Addendum 451-1: SCP-451 has recently shown suicidal tendencies. Despite how many staff feel about his presence, it is no excuse for providing him with convenient methods of self-termination. SCP-451 was a valuable agent before his accident and can be again if he ever regains his full perception.

Addendum 451-2: Following the events described in Incident Report 451-1, further attempts at convincing SCP-451 to self-terminate will result in suspensions of all involved personnel. We have him classified as Euclid for a reason.

Addendum 451-3: Though direct communication is not possible with SCP-451, it has been found that active attempts to deceive him have varying rates of success. A program has been put in place to plant false evidence for SCP-451. His psychological profile indicates that he will construct a narrative using this evidence. This "plotline" is intended to keep SCP-451 at Site-19 where he may continue to be monitored. Contingencies have also been made in case any evidence is overlooked or misinterpreted.

Incident 451-1: On 07/08/20██, SCP-451 discovered a firearm left for him by Site-19 staff. SCP-451 entered the main break room, placed the weapon in his mouth, and fired it. The bullet passed through SCP-451 without harming him and entered a Level 2 researcher. The researcher was briefly able to interact with SCP-451 before expiring. Unfortunately, no useful information was passed on to SCP-451.

Document 451-A: Contents of SCP-451's Journal

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