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Top down view of object.

Item #: SCP-4509

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The only remaining extant copy is currently contained in Site-23 anomalous library. Access is restricted to 4-e "Librarian" class individuals and directorial staff. Any incidents will be reported to the affected individuals via automated report, along with a copy of this documentation. If any additional copies are discovered, they will be incinerated.

Description: SCP-4509 is a romantic novel roughly 139 pages long, authored by Ann Bannon, entitled "Lovers Lane." The copy held today is the only known remaining copy following Foundation incineration and destruction efforts. Bannon has not been designated a PoI, as no additional anomalous activity has been linked to them since.

The anomalous effects do not present themselves until multiple female-identifying and female-attracted individuals come into contact with the object. Once this condition is met, those touching it will begin to feel an attraction to each other. Romantic emotional dependence will begin to grow sharply over a period of time, namely causing feelings of longing, attraction, and fear of losing the other person. After a period of several months, the attraction begins to gain sexual undertones and gradually becomes a more intimate relationship.


This is an official notice that you [EMILY GRAHAM] have been subjugated to a C-11 Class anomaly. Possible psychic or emotional binding is possible with the following individuals: SITE DIRECTOR CAMILLE BECKETT. Please be conscious that any feelings of attachment are likely artificial if beginning after the following date: 2019/09/16. Treatments required: n/a Treatments recommended: n/a

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