1/4508 LEVEL 1/4508
Item #: SCP-4508



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4508 is currently held in Safe Security Locker 6 at Site-71.

The Parazoology Division sends patrols to the area of discovery on a monthly basis. Any otter populations will be observed and contained if necessary.

Description: SCP-4508 is a 1.7 meter tall statue depicting a Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra), of unknown geologic composition. No feasible method of damaging SCP-4508 has been discovered. Etched into the base of SCP-4508 is the Arabic word النبي1.

Sealed within SCP-4508 is a human male identified as Thomas Lapen, designated SCP-4508-1. Despite SCP-4508-1 lacking the ability to consume food or water, MRI scans indicate its vital signs remain stable. The lucidity of SCP-4508-1 is currently unknown.

Discovery: The Foundation was tipped off by an emergency call originating from Hallsburg, Oregon after the caller claimed that their friend was "abducted by evil otters". Field agents found evidence of a struggle in SCP-4508-1's home, and SCP-4508 was discovered in the back yard surrounded by used candles and various species of shellfish.

Addendum 4508 -1: The following excerpts are from SCP-4508-1's text message records, detailing the chain of events leading to the discovery of SCP-4508.


6:42pm|Tom: Hey man, leaving work now. omw to you.

6:44pm|Rich: be safe

6:49pm|Tom: Fuck

6:50pm|Rich: ?

6:52pm|Tom: I hit a weird looking dog or somethign, idfk what it was… dead now

6:52pm|Rich: Stop fucking around we got shit to do

6:53pm|Tom: k brt


8:31am|Rich: Did u call me last night?

9:05am|Tom: Was spooked

9:06am|Rich: w h y

9:07am|Tom: Had weirdest fucking dream. Got attacked by seals or some shit… when I woke up my room was a mess. W E I R D

9:12am|Rich: Youre room is always a mess. :p Stop watching those stupid ghost shows before bed

9:15am|Tom: lol your right.

9:35am|Rich: Can't hang out today.. will see you after work tomorrow though

9:37am|Tom: Oof. bye


12:15pm|Tom: Had that same dream again last night. Definitely otters. found a bunch of sea shells in my room this morning too

12:17pm|Rich: s p o o k y

12:20pm|Tom: dick. Ill txt you when I get off


4:32pm|Tom: YO

4:35pm|Rich: u out.?


4:38m|Rich: here we go lol

4:37pm|Tom: so im tying one of the boats to the dock and what do I see. 3 fucking otters dude. Just watching me.. It was creepy

4:40pm|Rich: You get a pic?

4:42pm|Tom: Didnt have phone on me

4:43pm|Rich: OK if your done hallucinating can we go to the movies lol

4:36pm|Tom: Dude iim serious.

4:48pm|Rich: just fuck off and get over here before we r late

4:38pm|Tom: brt just gotta stop for gas


6:10pm|Tom: Dude look


wtf man

6:11pm|Rich: is that your car? wtf happened lol

6:12pm|Tom: idk man we got off the docks and there's this huge pile of fucking shells next to my car. shit reeks

6:13pm|Tom: everyone is saying they didn't see them get dropped off. Someones fucking with me

6:15pm|Rich: whatever man. fuk em - it the weekend!!

6:16pm|Tom: u right lol we goin to cindys thing later?

6:16pm|Rich: lezzzgoooooo

6:20pm|Tom: k brt


2:06pm|Tom: aadusudhsjdjshi

2:07pm|Rich: Oh yeah?

2:07pm|Tom: Dude I just got chased like 4 fuking blocks

2:08pm|Rich: wtf?! by who????

2:09pm|Tom: ur not gonna belive me…

2:10pm|Rich: WHO WAS IT!!

2:12pm|Tom: it was like…10 fucking otters man.

2:13pm|Rich: Lol your a fucking riot….u had me there for a sec.


2:14pm|Tom: I told you ive been seeing these fuckers everywhere

2:15pm|Rich: dude ur like obsessed c h I l l o u t

2:16pm|Tom: U FUCKIN CHILL

2:16pm|Tom: your not the one having weird ass dream and being chased by fuckin otters

2:17pm|Rich: neither are YOU

2:17pm|Rich: Fucking otters. u need to chill out on the bud man.

2:18pm|Tom: fuck you.

4:32pm|Rich: probably too busy with your otters but is we chillin today?

4:32pm|Tom: fuk off man your being a real DICK.

4:37pm|Rich: lol w.e bro hmu when your done being weird.


12:48pm|Tom: FK MAN I NED HELP

12:48pm|Rich: …what?



12:49pm|Rich: wtf where are you!!?!

12:51pm|Rich: yoooooo?

12:55pm|Rich: dud not funny where are you?


8:19am|Rich: yo

9:45am|Rich: okay man, I get it, im sorry


11:19am|Rich: Youre mom called said u weren't home, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU????

4:48pm|Rich: idk man your not home or answering calls….im callin cops your freaking me out. u beter not be fucking around.

All attempts to locate the otters responsible for the attack or determine the source of SCP-4508 have proven unsuccessful.

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