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Item #: SCP-4504

Object Class: Keter

Document Current as of 17/09/2019

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4504 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-██, with a secondary containment cell kept empty in readiness for an attempted containment breach. SCP-4504’s primary and secondary cells and the immediate corridors around them are to be fitted with Halothane gas dispersal systems, which should be activated immediately if SCP-4504 attempts to breach containment.

In the event the Halothane dispersal system is insufficient to incapacitate SCP-4504, staff are to avoid entering its reach and instead should attempt to incapacitate it from a distance using flash-bang grenades, stun grenades and Halothane gas grenades. Staff are to avoid engaging SCP-4504 with kinetic weapons, water cannons, standard-issue tasers and pepper spray. Staff approaching after it has been incapacitated should do so cautiously, as SCP-4504 has feigned unconsciousness in the past in order to lure security staff close enough to strike them.

SCP-4504 is to be spoonfed two 50mg ███████ tablets twice daily in order to treat its chronic pain and maintain its mental health. Medical staff are to ensure that the tablets have been swallowed before leaving the containment cell.

As of 29/11/2017 Site Director Sandoval has ended testing with SCP-4504 in order to prevent future staff casualties. SCP-4504 is no longer allowed socialisation privileges. In the event that SCP-4504 displays non-compliant behaviour, staff should remind it that it will lose leisure privileges if it continues in that behaviour.

Description: SCP-4504 (Formerly known as Dennis Huang) is a thirty-five year old Chinese-Australian human male. As a result of its use of its anomalous abilities on itself, SCP-4504 stands 2.64m tall, possessing distorted features and greatly elongated limbs. These distortions render it resistant to both kinetic impacts and extreme pain. SCP-4504 is missing both of its hands as a result of an encounter with SCP-082 during a previous containment breach.

SCP-4504 can manifest two invisible ‘hands’ at the ends of its arms. Their shape is proportionate to SCP-4504’s distorted body, each ‘palm’ approximately 20cm in diameter and each ‘finger’ being between 45cm and 60cm in length. These ‘hands’ warp space, allowing SCP-4504 to mould solid objects it touches with them as if they were only semi-solid. SCP-4504 can manipulate any solid physical substance it touches with them, including glass, stone, steel, lead, beryllium bronze and flesh, as they distort the space containing the substance as opposed to acting on the substance itself. Affected substances are rendered sturdier and more solid than they once were, making them difficult to break or damage with kinetic strikes. SCP-4504 cannot interact with solid objects with its manifested hands without distorting them. SCP-4504’s hands have reduced effect on non-solids such as liquids or gases.

Currently, there is no known way to reverse these distortions in space. Attempts by SCP-4504 to repair affected areas simply create a second, overlapping distortion. Staff and test subjects whose bodies have been affected by SCP-4504 report extreme, chronic pain to the affected area. Affected areas of flesh will continue to function as normal unless the distortion disconnects parts of the subject’s body or exposes internal organs. Foundation medical staff have found conventional painkillers to be only partially effective in mitigating the subsequent pain.

SCP-4504 readily admits to a deep-seated hatred of the Foundation, particularly its security personnel and past psychiatrists. SCP-4504 has repeatedly expressed a desire to escape containment. To date it has attempted to breach containment 83 times, resulting in four successful escapes from Site-██. During its more recent containment breaches, SCP-4504 has not attempted to flee the facility, instead seeking out and maiming specific members of Foundation staff it bears a grudge against. These have typically been senior security officers who have made decisions about SCP-4504’s containment it objects to, such as restricting its contact with other humanoid SCP objects, interfering with its painkiller regimen or revoking its leisure privileges. To date, SCP-4504 has not harmed a member of on-site medical staff with the exception of its own psychiatrists, and has discouraged other humanoid SCP objects from doing so during containment breaches.

Previous iterations of this document have been archived and are available to 4504 staff upon request.

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