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SCP-4503 in operation

Item #: SCP-4503

Object Class: Safe (upgrade to Keter under consideration)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4503 is to be kept within the secure storage locker in Site-██'s galley. Access to SCP-4503 is restricted to galley staff only and the locker is equipped with a timelock that will only open five minutes before official meal times. Any abuse of SCP-4503 or containment breaches will be met with increased security measures and possibly even indefinite lockdown.

In order to prevent any further accidents with the use of SCP-4503, warning labels have been posted in the galley and notes on its proper use have been officially added to the Site training regimen. Sensors planted in SCP-4503's holding area will trigger an alarm should SCP-4503 exceed capacity and the holding area itself must be under twenty-four hour surveillance at all times.

Currently, there is no practical way to respond to SCP-4503 should containment be lost in a catastrophic fashion. The most effective way of dealing with it for now is through exhaustive prevention measures.

Description: SCP-4503 appears to be an ancient iron cooking pot with a volume of roughly twenty liters. However, unlike normal pasta pots, SCP-4503 has the ability to infinitely generate pasta that is cooked and ready for consumption. How exactly this works is currently unknown, but Foundation researchers have managed to determine how to activate and deactivate SCP-4503. There are a varying number of specific phrases that must be verbally recited in order to both activate and deactivate SCP-4503, along with multiple variations. Each variation corresponds to a certain type of Italian pasta, and there are currently fifty-seven unique activation codes that are known. The deactivation code is exactly the same as the activation code, except that it also requires [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is absolutely vital that [DATA EXPUNGED] be performed. A comprehensive list of the activation codes can be found in Lab Report 4503A. It should be noted that the verbal commands can only be issued when the speaker is near SCP-4503. Sound recordings have no effect.

When activated, SCP-4503 will slowly begin to fill with cooked pasta. There is no requirement for anything to be put into the pot beforehand, as the pasta will merely spontaneously materialize. If left unchecked, SCP-4503 will fill itself to capacity in under a minute and will continue to produce pasta until deactivated. Examination of all pasta SCP-4503 creates has shown that it is completely identical to normal pasta in every way, and is perfectly suitable for human consumption.

Though little is known of the exact nature of SCP-4503, Agents have managed to track its history with surprising ease. Standard testing has shown that SCP-4503 is several centuries old, and that records of its ownership can be traced back just as far. SCP-4503, unsurprisingly, first surfaced in Italy around the year ████ and was passed through a long line of owners. Since the majority of the owners tended to be nuns in secretive convents or people referred to roughly as "witches", it appears that SCP-4503's ability was not common knowledge. The Foundation obtained SCP-4503 after the death of its most recent owner, ████████ ████████████. Because of the numerous rumors surrounding her, the Foundation had inserted a deep cover Agent posing as ████████ ████████████'s attorney. All of her personal effects were quickly confiscated and replaced with duplicate items. Though the examination process is still ongoing, SCP-4503 was the first of the items definitively proven to be an SCP.

Lab Report 4503A: [DATA EXPUNGED]. See Disciplinary Report 1145

Lab Report 4503B: We've tried to create our own activation codes in order to see how far we can take SCP-4503's pasta production capability. We've managed to create activation codes for Penne, Orzo, Bucatini, three types of pasta we previously were unable to create. However, when we decided to input activation code Delta-Two-Six, SCP-4503 instead produced [DATA EXPUNGED], which caused several casualties and forced a containment breach alert. Further experimentation has been put on indefinite hold. -Dr. █████

Notes: For the last time, remember to [DATA EXPUNGED] when you're finished with SCP-4503! We've already had at least six accidents so far! Dr. █████

Okay, I know that somebody is purposely abusing SCP-4503 as some form of sick prank. There's a new standing rule for any would-be troublemakers: You make it, you eat it. Dr. █████

I know SCP-4503 is saving us a fortune in food costs, but seriously, can we actually have a menu that doesn't have pasta in it? I'm already starting to get sick of the stuff! Dr. █████████

Excerpt of Incident Report 5632: …Due to failure to properly deactivate SCP-4503, the pot began to produce more pasta completely unsupervised. By the time the Site staff were aware of the error, it was too late. The entire galley facility had been completely filled with pasta and Site staff were unable to get close enough to SCP-4503 to administer the deactivation code. As a result, a full containment breach alarm was issued and evacuation protocols were set in place. By the time SCP-4503 was deactivated, sixty percent of Site-██ was filled with pasta. The cleanup and repair efforts took nearly eighteen months to restore the Site to full capacity. The incident is officially listed as simple human error, but there is currently investigation into the possibility that this may not have been an accident at all…

Disciplinary Report 1145: Due to numerous incidences and pranks caused through the abuse of SCP-4503, its use is now restricted to specially chosen galley staff. All staff in Site-██ are to submit to a compulsory lie detector test. Any and all unauthorized personnel with knowledge of SCP-4503's activation codes are to be administered with a selective amnestic to erase their knowledge of the codes.

Administrative Note: Due to the destructive potential of SCP-4503, as well as the results of Lab Report 4503B, upgrade of SCP-4503's status from Safe to Keter is currently under consideration. O5-█

Addendum: See Retrieval log db/4503-b for critical additional information.

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