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An instance of SCP-4493-1.

Item #: SCP-4493

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is the SCP Foundation, any of its subsidiary companies, or any individual employee thereof to profess pride in or support of an LGBT identity during the month of June.

Due to the nature of SCP-4493, full containment is difficult. SCP-4493-1 instances are unable to be deleted from the internet platform upon which they are posted. MTF Lambda-69 (“Riding Spinners”) are to be deployed to affected entities. Members of MTF L-69 are to focus upon providing “spin” to the information revealed in SCP-4493-1 instances but also obfuscation in times where the information may be anomalous in nature. SCP-4493-1 instances can be obfuscated with Protocol 0-Cool. SCP-4493-2 instances may be summarily destroyed.

Foundation moles are to be situated (where applicable) within corporations and police departments thought to be involved in unethical dealings with LGBT individuals or any other unethical practices. These moles are to attempt to discourage any show of support in LGBT identities during the month of June.

Description: SCP-4493 is a phenomenon that affects large organizations, especially corporations and political groups, that publicly profess solidarity with or support for LGBT individuals during the month of June. When affected organizations publish social media posts or advertisements that express support for the LGBT community, those media will be altered to highlight the negative impacts that the organization in question has had on LGBT individuals; SCP-4493 can also create new posts on social media sites. SCP-4493 appears to be transmitted between organizations that have notable economic or political ties; it can also be transmitted between organizations that send groups to march in the same LGBT Pride parade.

Social media posts altered or created by SCP-4493 are designated SCP-4493-1. SCP-4493-1 instances cannot be deleted from their original social media platform by usual means; this property extends to SCP-4493-1 re-posted to other social media pages (i.e. “retweets” on Twitter). As a result, containment of SCP-4493-1 instances requires cooperation with both the affected organization and the social media platform that contains the SCP-4493-1 instances.

Physical advertisements (such as billboards or pamphlets) affected by SCP-4493 are designated SCP-4493-2. SCP-4493-2 instances are altered instantaneously, changing between frames when the transformation is recorded. SCP-4493-2 instances are always created from previously existing media, rather than created spontaneously by SCP-4493; they maintain no anomalous properties after their transformation, and can be destroyed without incident.

Incident 4493-7: On 24 June 2019, a post by the Columbus Police Department's Facebook became an instance of SCP-4493-1. It highlights numerous human rights abuses leveraged at LGBT individuals and others. Three police officers (Sgt. N. Krum, Officer B. Smith, and Officer L. Aaron) are highlighted to have used their positions to carry out numerous crimes on individuals within the city. The three police officers were later found dead in their respective homes. All are said to have died of heart attacks with no sign of foul play.

GOI-5869's possible involvement is being investigated.

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