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First frame of SCP-4491.

Item #: SCP-4491

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A single encrypted copy of SCP-4491 is to remain stored as "SCP-4491.3g2" on an external hard drive contained within a standard Safe security locker at Site-49. Requests to view SCP-4491 may be submitted to the project head for approval.

Description: SCP-4491 is a 99 minute long video file consisting only of a black screen. While SCP-4491 has an audio track, no audible sound is produced at any point during the video's runtime.

SCP-4491 was originally discovered on an internet movie discussion board as a .3g2 media file titled "pulp ficktion", uploaded on 2/14/2011 by ███.██.███.███.

Humans viewing more than 7 consecutive frames of SCP-4491 describe the footage in various ways. Despite reports of the footage often varying depending on viewer, the following features have been noted across all depictions:

  • Focus on a single, consistent scene, regardless of subject's previous exposure to SCP-4491.
  • Extended dialogue scenes, even in instances lacking audio entirely.
  • Gratuitous use, and often glorification, of excessive violence.
  • Majority of scenes consisting of a single long take.
  • All on-screen characters being depicted barefoot.

Addendum 4491-1: SCP-4491 video descriptions

Witnessing Subjects
D-4977, D-2818 [Footage is described as without audio.]

Scene described as a strange diner with a 1950's aesthetic. A plague doctor shares a milkshake with a porcelain mask propped against the napkin dispenser.

The shot subsequently pans slowly back, revealing more of the diner as the pair drifts out of focus in the frame. The dance floor is revealed to contain a corn crake stiffly dancing with a pile of fruit snacks, which remains motionless.

The shot further widens to reveal a fish-headed figure tied to a chair. The figure displays no visible wounds. Two nondescript subjects1 approach from off-screen. The first subject proceeds to repeatedly punch the fish-headed figure while the second subject begins pouring gasoline on it. Scene proceeds as such for 3 minutes before ending.
Dr. Jack Bright [Footage is described as without audio.]

Scene is described as the basement of a home. The fish-headed figure sits bound in a chair alongside a man wearing an EMU-type spacesuit. A red ballgag is pressed into the fish-headed figure's mouth, and another is affixed tightly across the spaceman's visor.

A man holding a shotgun2 drifts into frame, and begins conferring with an off-screen figure. While his reflection is visible in the spaceman's visor, no second figure can be seen, though a string of distorted lowercase text is visible in the reflection.3

The man holding the shotgun brandishes the weapon at the bound pair repeatedly before smiling wickedly and standing. Feed cuts abruptly.

Remaining 78 minute runtime is devoted to a black and white propaganda film extolling the virtues of capitalism.
D-1843, D-2343, Dr. Cimmerian [Footage is described as accompanied by audio.]

Scene is described as the interior of a diner. Eight figures sit around a circular table around a briefcase. Subjects proceed to discuss United States wage law for 4 minutes.

The figure seated at the far left of the frame4 begins speaking over others, and advocating for the destruction of multiple Euclid and Keter anomalies, including SCP-035, SCP-049, and SCP-343.

The figure seated at the opposite side of the table5 rises and draws a gun, shooting the primary speaker twice in the chest.

Remaining figures fall silent and stare at the gun. No significant change occurs for 18 minutes, at which point the briefcase on the table spontaneously opens and the scene ends before its contents are revealed.
D-1221 [Footage is described as accompanied by audio.]

Scene described as a car interior. In the back seat, a man with a fish's head wearing a suit is bleeding profusely from a wound to the abdomen. A plague doctor drives the car, and a corn crake sits in the passenger seat.

The plague doctor alternates between reassuring the wounded figure that it is going to live, and discussing the nomenclature of hamburger sandwiches with the corn crake, who produces no audio.

After 1 minute and 18 seconds, the corn crake turns around in its seat to face the wounded figure and opens its mouth.

The vehicle violently ruptures apart from concussive pressure, described as being caused by a 'deafening noise'. Scene ends.

[D-1221 subsequently developed symptoms consistent with acute tinnitus.]
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