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Photo of SCP-4488 taken by Agent ██████ prior to containment

Item #: SCP-4488

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-4488 has been established around the area of SCP-4488. Roads leading towards Provisional Site-4488 are to be shut down and redirected. Biohazard signs are to be placed within the vicinity so as to deter intruders. A perimeter fence must be erected within a 3km radius of Provisional Site-4488 and is to be monitored by on-site security personnel. A construction team is to be kept on-site to expand the perimeter of Provisional Site 4488 to accommodate further drilling efforts if the need arises. In the event of a containment breach, the perpetrator(s) are to be promptly apprehended, administered Class-A amnestics, and then released.

Description: SCP-4488 is a small lake located in a heavily wooded forest near ████████, Montana. At surface level, SCP-4488 appears to be an ordinary lake with no observable anomalous effects. However, at a depth of approximately 20m, a 3m heterogeneous mixture of small rocks, salt crystals and sand are present. Past this space is a seemingly infinite area of saltwater, hereafter referred to as SCP-4488-1. So far, no landforms have been observed within SCP-4488-1, and its exact dimensions are unknown. SCP-4488-1 is completely devoid of light and once inside, there are no currently known ways of exiting SCP-4488.

The only known method of entering SCP-4488-1 is by diving directly into SCP-4488, although further testing is still being conducted (See Addendum 4488-1). SCP-4488 first came to the Foundation's attention after various records of unusual geological measurements of SCP-4488's depth were brought to the Foundation's attention. Once further measurements were recorded, SCP-4488's anomalous size was concretely discovered.

Addendum 4488-1: Attempts are currently being made to drill into SCP-4488-1 through surrounding mountains, which have so far proven to be unsuccessful. All attempts to drill under SCP-4488 result in the discovery of basalt and various other mainly oceanic minerals directly under SCP-4488. Attempts to drill further down under SCP-4488 are currently underway.

Addendum 4488-2: On 12/11/20██, An exploration mission was performed into SCP-4488.

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