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4/4486 LEVEL 4/4486
Item #: SCP-4486


SCP-4486 at public event

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its ability to instantaneously translocate, SCP-4486 is currently uncontained. MTF Kappa-3 ("Happy Helpers") has been assigned to monitor SCP-4486 and maintain a discreet presence during any events where the appearance of SCP-4486 is anticipated.

The Foundation Office of Budget & Finance has approved a trust which will contribute $100,000 USD per annum to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, payable quarterly. Any adjustments to this contribution based on the rate of inflation are automatically approved.

Description: SCP-4486 is an amalgamated thought-form entity1 endowed with limited retrocausal control over local reality. Although the form of SCP-4486 is transitory, currently prevailing aesthetics depict the entity as a humanoid approximately 2.2 meters in height wearing company-branded apparel resembling that of a clown. SCP-4486 also has the ability to manifest at any and all McDonald's franchises, offices, affiliated properties, or events which may contain associations to the McDonald's brand.

SCP-4486 often manifests for the explicit purpose of promoting McDonald's or expanding the reach of the brand. The most common application of this power is the creation of a new franchise restaurant, as well as the integration of this new building into local reality. Secondary effects of this power include fabricating memories of the building's construction and advertisement within the local community, as well as selecting members of the local population to work at the restaurant. New employees are able to describe vivid memories of having applied to and been interviewed for their jobs, as well as a degree of training for their new position.

Recovered documentation suggests that SCP-4486 was originally created in 1955 where it was employed as a guiding voice in business decisions for Maurice and Richard McDonald and their business partner Ray Kroc. In 1960, after years of attachment to the corporate zeitgeist, SCP-4486 accumulated enough cohesive reality to manifest in real-space where it then became a face for the brand. The McDonald's corporation employed a number of diversionary tactics including paid actors to obfuscate the true nature of SCP-4486.

The McDonald's Corporation was successful in concealing these events until a McDonald's spontaneously manifested in the Site-19 mess hall in 1993. Although an investigation was opened into this matter, the nature of SCP-4486 prevented a full understanding of its abilities until leads were provided by the events of addendums 1, 2, and 3.

Addendum 4486.1: Communications from the Estate of Richard McDonald.
In 1998, Foundation investigators received a parcel of letters from the estate of the recently deceased Richard McDonald. This parcel catalogs communications from Ray Kroc, McDonald's personal friend and business partner. Although Richard and his brother had sold the company to Mr. Kroc many years prior, they continued to exchange ideas and communicate openly until Kroc's passing in 1984. The letters which relate explicitly to SCP-4486 have been attached below.

Addendum.4486.2: A record from the Estate of Richard McDonald.
Also attached to the parcel was a VHS tape bearing a plain white label that reads "The basement, 1974". The age of the VHS tape and the quality of the video indicates that it is likely not the original although it is unknown how many copies exist. This video depicts Richard McDonald sitting in a study recounting their attempt to power down SCP-4486 and has been transcribed below.

Addendum 4486.3:
The following memorandum was issued internally to the board of directors and all other executive staff within McDonald's Corporation. A copy was obtained after a search of the personal effects of Richard McDonald.

To: Board of Directors
From: Ray Kroc

Esteemed Members of the Board,

It is the sincere wish of Richard McDonald and the estate of Maurice McDonald, the founders of this great company, that a charity be founded which will bear the name of our most beloved spokesman and mascot: Ronald McDonald. It is the hope of both of these great men that the name McDonald can become synonymous with not only with our restaurant but also with humanitarian deeds and honest, charitable works that the entire corporate family can be proud of.

The founding principles of the McDonald's Corporation include the love of a family that can sit down and share a meal with one another, putting aside the pettiness of their day or whatever busy activities may keep them apart. Together, at the dinner table, laughing and smiling over simple, good food. Just as the Good Lord intended.

It is the belief of Richard and his late brother Maurice that all children deserve happiness, warmth, and a chance at life. Family should be kept together. Ronald can become the symbol of hope to those children in need, if only we let him. If only we help guide him.

Thank you.

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