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Item#: 4485
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Entrance to DEEPWELL-9

SCP-4485, as well as all known individuals affected by SCP-4485 and all artifacts created by or attributed to those individuals or the Group of Interest known as HANSARP are stored in active containment within the Scranton-Jates Supra-Cultural Dissociation Engine at DEEPWELL-9, located beneath the former Site-35 at the Isar II Nuclear Power Plant near Landshut, Germany. Access to DEEPWELL-9 is permitted only to individuals assigned to SCP-4485's containment, as well as those individuals with express written permission by the DEEPWELL-9 Site Director, currently Director Viktor Jates.

Please note that all previous personnel requirements are currently active:

Objects and individuals believed to be associated with HANSARP are must be remanded to DEEPWELL-9 immediately, with objects being housed in individualized secure item lockers and human subjects being contained in long-term cryogenic stasis. Manual operation of the Dissociation Engine Core for the purposes of adding objects and individuals to the central containment cells should only be undertaken by members of the Foundation Corp of Anengineers, with any appropriate supervisors.

All European Foundation sites affected by SCP-4485 are closed indefinitely until further notice. It is currently understood that 92% of active Foundation Europe staff members1Specifically, all those from sites outside of Site-77.
are at risk for being affected by SCP-4485. Site-77 will be the primary European containment and research facility, with DEEPWELL-9 housing research and containment efforts for SCP-4485 specifically.

Containment of SCP-4485 has also required institutional alterations to The Foundation. The following is a list of all current initiatives:

  • Logical assessment, forwardly known as an "Orientation," of all current employees at all levels. Any employees shown to lack an acceptable degree of rational and logical thought will be deemed a hazard to The Foundation and immediately terminated. Due to the risk of these individuals possibly being previously tainted, termination will result in containment within the Scranton-Jates Supra-Cultural Dissociation Engine.
  • Dissolution of the Ethics Committee. As voted by the O5 Council (11-2), the Ethics Committee is found to be both unnecessary and actively detrimental to the containment and elimination of HANSARP. All members of the Ethics Committee were deemed unfit and possibly tainted.
Dissociation Engine Core being lowered into its permanent housing above cryogenic containment cells.

The Scranton-Jates Supra-Cultural Dissociation Engine exists solely to house artifacts and entities that, as an aspect of their nature, violate the innate conventions and structures of the human cultural egoplex, as well as adversely impact the established conventional reality as established by the SCP Foundation Overseer Council. Operation and maintenance of the Scranton-Jates Engine is carried out by the DEEPWELL-9 Operations Control Group in conjunction with the SCPF Department of Energy Control and Resource Consolidation.

The Scranton-Jates Engine consists of three distinct subsystems that make up the greater portion of the array:

Containment Shielding: The outermost layer of the Scranton-Jates Engine is the containment shielding. This shielding is composed of titanium-alloy plates over a layer of ballistic nanofibers. Per class-appropriate engineering protocols, this shielding combined with the depth of the DEEPWELL site is designed to withstand a direct surface-level impact of a 5mt nuclear yield.

Containment Housing: The inner layer of the Scranton-Jates Engine is the containment housing, composed primarily of concrete and steel. This section is comprised of multiple large, hollow rings of channeled concrete (4m high x 30m in diameter) stacked vertically down into the DEEPWELL shaft. The current configuration of the containment housing allows for eleven such sections, with room for an additional fifteen below as they become necessary. A powered elevator system allows for all current sections to be lowered for the placement of additional sections at the top of the array.

Each containment section is capable of holding up to two-hundred pacified human subjects in cryogenic stasis. Additionally, each section contains lockers for a variety of artifacts and objects related to SCP-4485. These lockers and cryogenic modules are sustained by liquid nitrogen pumped from storage containers at the surface, and recycled at a substation nearby. A cryogenic fail-safe will flush the each cylinder section with liquid oxygen to sustain containment in the event of a loss of power to the Engine or to the liquid nitrogen pumps.

Dissociation Engine Core: The innermost component of the Scranton-Jates Engine is the Dissociation Engine Core, formerly classified as SCP-████-█. The Engine Core functions by dissociating cognition from psychological response, neutering the effects of SCP-4485-A and -B instances contained within.

Under no circumstances should Foundation personnel enter the Engine Core while it is active; exposure to the core is acutely devastating to human psychology and, in the majority of cases, will lead to immediate or regressive brain death.

The Engine Core also acts as a time sink when active, with an effective radius encompassing the entirety of the Scranton-Jates Engine. The current sustainable ratio is [1] day within the core to [46] days without.

Despite the procedures listed above, SCP-4485 is currently considered outside of the Foundation's ability to contain. See Dr. Yoss' reports below for more details. The 05 Council has given special permission to take any and all actions in order to contain SCP-4485. Approval is not required.

SCP-4485 is a small leather-bound book written by German-French artist Jean "Hans" Arp. SCP-4485 itself is unremarkable in appearance, being moderately worn and slightly faded. The name of the author is pressed into the leather on the back of the journal in block capitalization. Within the front cover of SCP-4485 are the words "gott ist ohne zweck" beneath a crude drawing of a fish.

SCP-4485 is not acutely anomalous; however, individuals who read SCP-4485 are anomalously affected by the words contained therein. SCP-4485 is filled with writing in the dadaist tradition, most of which is nonsensical with little connection between passages. These passages are interwoven with abstract drawings of shapes, animals, and human beings. Individuals who read SCP-4485 become affected by it in one of two distinct ways:

  • (SCP-4485-A) Individuals who read SCP-4485 and have, in their recent past, had strongly-held political or cultural opinions will strongly reject the "nonsense" contained within SCP-4485. These individuals will at first become more vocal about their positions, regardless of what they are, until eventually becoming seemingly unable to speak about anything else, and becoming violent towards those who would question their position. Over time, these individuals will experience physical changes as well, forming hardened crystalline structures composed primarily of calcium over much of their bodies. These structures will eventually cover the entire body, though locomotion is still possible by way of levitation. The means by which this is accomplished is currently unknown. These individuals are invariably hostile, and serve as vectors for the creation of both SCP-4485-B instances and other SCP-4485-A instance.
  • (SCP-4485-B) Individuals who read SCP-4485 and are not aligned with a specific ideology or political philosophy will experience a sharp increase in apathetic behavior. This will be followed by additional erratic behaviors: subjects will begin to ask strange, nonsensical questions or make comments that do not make sense. Any other individuals who engage with these subjects will inevitably succumb to the same anomalous influence as these subjects, who are able to self-propagate by audio and visual means. Over time these individuals will also experience physical changes, becoming less distinct in appearance and more incorporeal. It is the accumulation of these instances in a location that results in the breakdown of the logical super-construction in an area. The advancement of these effects are difficult to quantify, though the affected radius appears to follow exponential trends.

For more information regarding SCP-4485-A and SCP-4485-B instances, please see Dr. Yoss' reports below.

Secure Progress Report to 05 Council
submitted: 09.30.2019
secure channel: 37066A983DBEF644B6E4CCF6D1E2456D
recognize: Dr. Inan Yoss, SCP-4485 Head Researcher
Good afternoon, esteemed council members. Please find the memo I sent to The Foundation at large below:

I know there have been a lot of questions recently concerning the situation in Europe. Understandably, there are some serious and legitimate concerns about our ability to contain the anomalous characteristics attributed to the HANSARP Group of Interest. Allow me to preface by saying that our containment of SCP-4485 and HANSARP as a whole has never before been as secure as it is today. We believe that at least 99.6% of all individuals associated with HANSARP are now in Foundation custody at DEEPWELL-9. However, to ensure we all understand the exact nature of this new threat, it is important for us to make available information regarding what HANSARP is, where it came from, and what it intends to accomplish.

SCP-4485 is the source of a self-propagating cultural consciousness that we now believe self-realized shortly after Jean Arp's death in 1966. We have no reason to suspect that Arp utilized anomalous means to propagate HANSARP, nor do we suspect that Arp himself was somehow anomalous. Analysis of SCP-4485 has shown no evidence that SCP-4485 itself is somehow anomalous.

We now believe that the source of the anomalous characteristics associated with SCP-4485 rest entirely within human interaction with the source. SCP-4485 does not change people; people are changed upon reading SCP-4485, or hearing about its contents. SCP-4485 is like a key, perfectly randomly shaped to fit a lock within the human psyche that demands order. Once unlocked, the mind begins to change itself, and the world around that mind follows.

SCP-4485-A and SCP-4485-B instances represent the two reactions to being exposed to this kind of weaponized meaninglessness - apathy and rejection.

Those who are not prone to holding strong positions, when exposed to the patterns of meaninglessness espoused by SCP-4485 or other SCP-4485-A individuals, will themselves become SCP-4485-B. These individuals, as well as the superego they represent, is what we identify as HANSARP. It is a metaconstructure of disorganized thought that exists for a single purpose - to annihilate reason.

The way this is accomplished is with the creation of SCP-4485-A instances, the logical inverse of SCP-4485-B instances. SCP-4485-A instances are individuals who have rejected the notions of meaninglessness and disorder as proclaimed by SCP-4485-B instances.

If SCP-4485-B instances are the consciousness of HANSARP trying to free itself from the hull of its humanity with a blender, SCP-4485-A instances are the blades.

The presence of SCP-4485-A instances is enough to drive the alteration of susceptible persons into new instances of SCP-4485-B at rates much higher than what is typical naturally.

Individuals who are exposed to SCP-4485-A instances react with shock, fear, and then either rejection or apathy.

It is important in times like this that we keep calm and rational in our actions in response to these threats to The Foundation as well as reality itself. In the coming months, each and every Foundation employee will be asked to take a compulsory orientation on SCP-4485. It is within the best interest of The Foundation and yourself to complete this orientation as soon as possible. Your supervisor will contact you for further details.

With the continued cooperation of all Foundation personnel and pointed actions of the 05 Council, this threat will be eliminated.

As you all well know, this caused some measure of fervor within certain more rebellious individuals, particularly those that have persisted since prior to the dissolution of the Ethics Committee. I can assure you that these individuals are being watched and will be terminated if we find them detrimental to continued containment.

More importantly, I need to report this: Make no mistake; we were targeted specifically. Thousands of personnel were exposed to SCP-4485 in some form or another, all across Europe. Not just through exposure to SCP-4485 itself, but through exposure to artifacts and art pieces they knew we would be forced to clean up. We were fortunate, perhaps, that the majority of our sites were located in more remote locales. The total body count is nearly impossible to figure, but suffice to say that only Site-77 with its primarily internal rotation schedule was mostly spared. We have closed over three-hundred sites across the continent and had to clandestinely move hundreds of artifacts and entities to secure facilities elsewhere. The expense of this effort nearly bankrupted us. We have already begun rebuilding some of our outposts, but to train the required personnel and reinforce the existing structures will take decades, and billions of dollars, or more. As of right now, Europe as a whole is effectively lost to us.

This is made worse by the fact that, despite our thoughtful actions, we have not contained HANSARP.

All of the people in stasis within the Dissociation Engine were Foundation personnel who were within locked sites and could be easily transported. We can't account for some 65% of security personnel, or janitorial. People who were on leave. Doctors en route to other sites who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. There could be hundreds, thousands out there who now a functional super-intelligence and we have no idea how to find them. All the while, our impact teams are finding more HANSARP artifacts everyday.

It is no longer isolated to Europe. It is unsustainable. There is not a site large enough to contain HANSARP, and HANSARP grows larger everyday.

The worst of all of this is that SCP-4485-B instances have a more potent detrimental effect on logic when they're together. A group of a dozen in a village can ruin reason in an area for months. For better or worse, we've got a thousand of these individuals in a bubble the size of an apartment building underground. Don't be mistaken - the Dissociation Engine is a miracle, but it's a machine. The backups are machines. Everything that secures this device is a machine, and if HANSARP finds a workaround to those systems, that's it.

In our attempts to save ourselves we have built a bomb filled to the brim with the most potent of payloads. We have armed it with a fuse that logically cannot be lit, and are hoping to keep it safe from an intelligence that does not care whether the facts say it can or cannot.

I am attaching a document to this report. It was recovered during a sweep of the last site we had to burn to the ground. Based on this document, HANSARP knows. They are among us, dear council members. We must act swiftly.

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