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SCP-4484-1 before the initiation of SCP-4484's "ZOOM" command.

Item#: SCP-4484

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Junior Researchers with an interest in streaming media may be assigned to SCP-4484 at the discretion of their supervisors. The assignment is not mandatory unless requested by the attending Level 3 research coordinator.

Personnel assigned to SCP-4484 are to watch its broadcast, noting any landmarks or other factors that may indicate where the broadcast is originating from. The chat room associated with SCP-4484 is to be analyzed via an algorithm that collects the participants' data. A manual written by Junior Researcher Pepperino for utilizing web-based streaming is available to all personnel assigned to SCP-4484.

Any individual SCP-4484 users located through this process are to be detained and debriefed. No amnestics are deemed necessary if the ASPCA investigation cover story has proven sufficient.

Since initiating containment procedures, the stream has become invite-only. This has not diminished the activity level of the chat room or SCP-4484's anomalous properties in any visible way.

Personnel noted to have tendencies towards animal cruelty are not to be assigned to SCP-4484 as per the Ethics Committee guidelines.

Description: SCP-4484 is an internet streaming website of varying web addresses. It allows users in a chat room to directly control the behavior and activities of individual dogs. SCP-4484-1 is the designation to whichever given dog is being controlled at a time. The phenomenon has been documented as affecting canines living in North America, Europe, the eastern geography of Africa as well as some Oceanic regions.

The web interface is simplistic, attempting to access any metadata will result in this brief description:

Collectively Controlled Canines, lots of sweethearts here.

Channel rules:

Users will not harm any canines through the stream, or allow them to come to harm.

Dogs will obey their commands as long as they do not contradict the first rule.

The stream will protect and maintain its existence as long as this does not violate rules 1 or 2.

The video feed is viewed through the perspective of a different dog every 8 hours. Selection criteria are unknown. Color correction and other video editing have been applied to make it appear as though the viewer is looking through a live-streaming headset camera. This display has a limited palette consisting of 32768 colors.

Control is enacted through the chat room, where users can type in commands and suggestions as to what the dog can do. Once an undetermined threshold of a collective agreement is reached, SCP-4484-1 will perform that action. The chat room generates an average of 600 lines per minute. Text, emojis, and some custom icons can be entered as messages. Whenever control over a new instance of SCP-4484-1 is established, the preceding SCP-4484-1's appearance is saved as an icon.

Examples of frequently used icons include:

  • Golden retriever: Usually posted as a reaction to something happy, or if SCP-4484-1 is getting attention.
  • Basset Hound: Anytime SCP-4484-1 is being scolded or otherwise reprimanded by an owner or stranger.
  • Corgi: If the current SCP-4484-1 is located within the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent other dominions of the House of Windsor, this will be posted constantly until a new canine is selected.
  • Mudi: Whenever an apparent mistake is made by moderation1 it will be posted en masse until the error is corrected.

Users may also purchase special privileges through direct contact by the moderators.2 Paying users will have their commands followed without the need for a collective agreement. Their chat messages appear in colored text. Return addresses on SCP-4484 related e-mail are from one-time-use 'burner' services. All messages contained the following attachment as a .txt file with no useful metadata.

Benefits for paid subscriptions.

> Paid subscribers can make the dog act as they please, although they will still be kicked if they violate the rules. Applied to the next dog if the current pup is not able to perform.
5$ - Aggressive licking own ass

20$ - Knock something over with tail/snout

50$ - Make the dog bark loud

45$ - Search the cushions for buried treasure

80$ - Dance party of one!!!

150$ - Start peeing, anywhere, as long as rules are not violated

200+$ - Flips.

All proceeds benefit helpful pup charities!

Approximately once per week, the selected canine will be in an unsafe environment. In these cases, "SAVE HIM" will be superimposed on the screen for a few seconds after the perspective change. The first such SCP-4484-1 documented by the Foundation was a small Pomeranian, which appeared to have been chained to a basement wall.

Over the next 4 hours, the users of SCP-4484 collaborated to facilitate SCP-4484-1's escape. Simultaneously, they located the domestic home it was being held in and coordinated with local users to rescue the animal. By rubbing the chain on exposed plumbing, climbing over hoarded garbage to a window and opening it via utilizing a broken yardstick as a lever, SCP-4484-1 was able to leave the basement. It was subsequently rescued by an anonymous user who reportedly adopted the dog and renamed it "Maverick".

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