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Item #: SCP-4482

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4482's usefulness to the Foundation, containment has been deemed unnecessary.

Description: SCP-4482 is Foundation Personnel Star Villa. SCP-4482 can only be contacted via a mobile device connected to any Foundation Site communication network. As of 08/25/20██ (the date of Foundation Personnel Star Villa's disappearance), SCP-4482's physical form has been deemed virtually untraceable. SCP-4482 claims to still possess a physical form but is also unaware of its location. In addition, if this physical form does exist, it evidently does not require food or water, and apparently does not experience any other bodily processes. Attempts to trace where SCP-4482 is calling from have been unsuccessful.

Due to SCP-4482's ability to manifest anywhere within the Foundation communication network, it has proven beneficial as an aid in alerting of and preventing dangerous events from occurring. Also, it has been proven impossible to isolate SCP-4482 from any Foundation communication network. It has been noted that SCP-4482 spends a majority of its time exploring the different communication networks, although it has gone to a great deal of effort not to eavesdrop on secure or classified calls.

Addendum 1: SCP-4482 Initial Interview

Interviewed: SCP-4482

Interviewer: Dr. Land

Foreword: Interview was conducted shortly after SCP-4482's first call to Site-22.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Land: So, uh, Villa. Star, I, uh, I guess - SCP-4482.

SCP-4482: You sound like you're having some trouble.

Dr. Land: (sighs) Yeah, I must be. I mean, Christ, we were eating lunch together just yesterday.

SCP-4482: Mm. Pork.

Dr. Land: You hungry now?

SCP-4482: No, no. (laughs) No, I'm really not. I don't know if I'm much of anything anymore. That's the worst part.

Dr. Land: Yeah.


SCP-4482: You gotta do this like a proper interview, man, or you'll get in trouble. Ask me something.

Dr. Land: Are you, um … I dunno. It ain't that easy.

SCP-4482: Have they figured out how this happened to me?

Dr. Land: Yeah, uh, yeah, they think they've got that mostly sorta figured out.

SCP-4482: Mostly sorta?

Dr. Land: Well, you were working on containment for that wire god for a while, and right after that was the concept crabs. They're thinking there was some, uh, some cross-contamination there, you know? One in a million chance, they're saying.


SCP-4482: So what, bad luck?

Dr. Land: Looks like it.

SCP-4482: And how long do they think it'll take them to get me back to normal? I'm trying to ignore it, but having the Overseer Council's meetings going on in the back of your head is kind of distracting, along with - everything else. I'm trying not to snoop, but…

Dr. Land: That's, uh, that's the thing. They're looking into getting you back to normal, or at least close, but they're … they're not having much luck. Any luck.


SCP-4482: I see.

Dr. Land: Yeah.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this interview, SCP-4482 did not respond to communication attempts for three months. This state of inactivity continued until Incident 4482-1.

Addendum 2: SCP-4482 Incident Prevention Log
Incident SCP-4482 Solution
Members of security assigned to SCP-058 have been cutting corners in regards to containment procedures, and a resultant breach is imminent. SCP-4482 reports the situation to Site Director Bean, who has the offending personnel pulled from duty and replaced. Containment breach is averted.
Anomalous activity is detected within SCP-████-EX's storage unit. SCP-4482 tunes into a present mobile device within the unit and discovers that Researcher Hanson and Dr. Rollins (Researcher Hanson presumed missing, Dr. Rollins presumed deceased) are trapped within an hour-long time loop involving SCP-████-EX. SCP-4482 reports its discovery to the Site-204 director, and the proper containment protocols are carried out.
Site-79 undergoes a site-wide containment breach and has difficulty successfully re-containing the breached anomalies. SCP-4482 coordinates rescue and containment efforts, carefully reading over each anomaly's document, gives each Site-79 employee a personalized task to contribute based on their personal skills, and successfully re-contains the breached anomalies.
An organized attack is carried out by a temporary alliance of anti-Foundation elements, including significant forces from the Chaos Insurgency, multiple hostile iterations of The Black Queen, and several independent operatives. Attacks on nineteen different Sites ensue, and one-hundred and thirty-six individual containment breaches are reported. Due to numerous memetic hazards being planted into the Foundation's networks by embedded enemy operatives, a communication blackout also ensues. Due to lacking the necessary brain structure, SCP-4482 is unaffected by said memetic agents and is able to single-handedly organize all relevant Foundation assets to combat the threat. This includes direct communication with Mobile Task Forces, evacuation of non-combat personnel, and updating the O5 Council on the situation as it develops as well as delivering their orders. Due to the lack of time delay when compared to normal Foundation operations, this was actually found to be significantly more efficient. The attack was successfully repelled, and the leaders of the enemy forces either captured or killed. SCP-4482 receives the Foundation Star.

Addendum 3: Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 Recruitment Negotiations [CANCELLED]

From: Dr. Rhine

To: Commander ███████

Subject: SCP-4482 Recruition Proposal

Recommend Star Villa - SCP-4482 - be considered for enlistment in Mobile Task Force Alpha-9. Due to his unique conceptual nature and Foundation-wide presence, he would be an unrivaled resource for information gathering and reconaissance. It must be admitted that he presents something of a security risk, with his ability to monitor all Foundation communications, but the fact of the matter would be that this is something he would do anyway, and we don't have much in terms of a way to stop him.

If he's going to be listening, we might as well put him to good use, no?

From: Dr. Rhine

To: Commander ███████

Subject: Re:SCP-4482 Recruition Proposal

Disregard last message. Proposal rescinded via direct order of the Overseer Council.


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