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Item #: SCP-4481

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4481 is currently stored in a containment hanger at Site-29, where it is undergoing study and restoration. Artifacts recovered from SCP-4481 are stored in Site-29's containment facilities as appropriate.

The remains of SCP-4481-A are currently in cold storage at Site-29. These remains are to be inspected once yearly until such a time that the Foundation deems them not worthy of further study.

Description: SCP-4481 refers to a piece of extra-universal wreckage which was discovered off of the coast of Florida in February of 1986. SCP-4481 consists of a craft superficially resembling a NASA space shuttle, including the cockpit, one surviving engine, and the dorsal side of the fuselage; a large part of the ventral side is missing, apparently sheared away in a circular pattern at the molecular level.

SCP-4481 differs from a NASA shuttle in that it has solid black coloration, a much larger cockpit, and the image of the American Flag on the right tailfin bears only forty-one stars.

SCP-4481 contains several items of note, including:

  • Packets of dehydrated banana slices that appear to have been made using the largely-extinct Gros Michel cultivar.1
  • A rhesus macaque, fused to the inside of its cage; speculated to have been a test animal.
  • Several puppets resembling characters from the American children's program Sesame Street; most are too waterlogged and damaged to identify, but some characters, such as Kermit the Frog, are recognizable.
  • What appears to be part of a passport for a citizen of the Soviet Union, dated 1985, name illegible.

SCP-4481-A was the sole surviving crew member aboard SCP-4481. SCP-4481-A is a costume resembling the character of "Big Bird" from Sesame Street, albeit with several discrepancies.

  • The feathers on the costume are white and blue as opposed to solid yellow.
  • The eyes of the costume are heterochromatic, and contain small cameras of unknown use. Prior to 1987, the cameras continuously broadcast a signal that was picked up in Boston, MA.
  • The head of the costume contains advanced motors and hydraulics that are out-of-place for 1986.
  • The costume is styled to be wearing a suit similar in appearance to a contemporary NASA EVA suit. Emblems present on the suit claim to be part of the "Muppets in Space" initiative aboard the shuttle "Excelsior". A nameplate on the suit reads "B. BIRD".

SCP-4481-A was found in the flooded cockpit of SCP-4481, attempting to drown itself. When SCP-4481-A was alive, it was capable of muffled vocalization, most of which were pleas for death; interviews conducted during this time provided no gainful information. SCP-4481-A successfully drowned itself before it could be recovered.

An autopsy conducted on SCP-4481-A produced the following findings:

  • No solid muscular or skeletal structures were present. Several pieces of soft tissue, believed to be organs, were found in a soup of fluid— mostly blood and sweat —at the lowest point of the thoracic cavity.
  • What is believed to have once been the skull of the individual inside SCP-4481-A was found to have integrated itself into the heart. Cranial and cardiac matter intersected in this manner would have caused severe pain to the subject while they were alive.
  • One .475 bullet, origin unclear. Powder burn found on exterior of costume indicates a recent injury at time of recovery, but no firearm has been discovered near SCP-4481's location of recovery in the intervening years.
  • A ziplock bag containing a crayon drawing on 5x8 writing paper, depicting SCP-4481-A alongside several figures that resemble characters on Sesame Street. SCP-4481-A is dressed in an astronaut's uniform. The drawing is signed "Johnny, Age 5".

Six other suits belonging to the crew of SCP-4481 were found in the cockpit alongside SCP-4481-A. These all contained a soup of tissue and organs similar to what was found inside SCP-4481-A. In addition, there is evidence of human tissue being integrated into the structure of these suits; whether or not the crew survived this process in a manner similar to SCP-4481-A is unclear.

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