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Item #: SCP-4470

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All information related to SCP-4470 is classified LEVEL-4//TITAN STAR EXCESSIVE/MOONDROP WHITE. SCP-4470 is to be excluded from Ethics Committee review as per EC/O5 Joint Consensus Directive #3, as well as from all other regular security and classification reviews. SCP-4470 may never be described using the terms "immortality," "deathlessness," or otherwise suggested to be in violation of EC/O5 JCD-3.

Members of MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") are to conduct all elements of SCP-4470 implementation and containment. General medical staff may be briefed into related L-4//TSE/MDW information in the event of an emergency. Personnel briefed in this manner must be administered amnestics or otherwise controlled for following their assistance.

Under no circumstances are individuals within the purview of SCP-4470 exempt from current procedures. Authorization for enforcing mandatory treatment is derived from the original instating order: Administrator communication with Director of Foundation Internal Security, October 17, 1965. Mandatory treatment methods will be determined by MTF Alpha-1 OPCOM and may include any means that do not directly counteract the objective of SCP-4470 implementation.

Description: SCP-4470 is an internal Foundation program designed to promote extreme longevity in a select group of individuals. This designation extends to all entities treated with SCP-4470 throughout the formal testing and implementation processes. These treatments currently include the use of advanced pharmaceuticals, interactions with anomalous items, and technological solutions to survival-impeding conditions.

The current SCP-4470 regimen consists of:
Treatment Number Treatment Frequency Treatment Summary
1 Daily 80 milligrams Helideral to regulate programmed cell death. 40 milligrams Aclomectin to regulate cell division. 65 milligrams Allonosine to enhance memory and general cognition. 20 milligrams Pralilapril to promote muscle retention and bone density.1 Assorted conventional vitamins and pharmaceuticals as prescribed.
2 Ongoing Implantation of medical devices to regulate the cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system, and digestive system. Current technological limitations necessitate frequent replacement.
3 Monthly Regular low-intensity infohazard exposure to improve resistance against more extreme effects. Acceptable MIR values increased yearly to compensate for infohazard virulence trends.
4 Daily Consumption of approximately .5 liters of SCP-6115 secretion to ward against multiple forms of targeted thaumaturgy. Emetics are issued within 12 hours to prevent the onset of necrosis.
5 Daily Analysis of all statements by reliably prophetic anomalies for information relevant to the safety of individuals under the purview of SCP-4470. Routines and security measures are altered accordingly by MTF Alpha-1 personnel.
6 Ongoing Cultivation of a subspecies of Eucestoda flatworm within the body of treated individuals. Active cultivation continues until the specimen reaches approximately five meters in length. Properly bonded specimens secrete exotic hormones that significantly reduce the likelihood of age-related dementia.2
7 As Needed Cloning of individual subjects for brain transplantation following traumatic injury. Treatment only to be finalized as a last resort due to the risk of ontological filter failure allowing knowledge gestation during the transplant process.

MTF Alpha-1 OPCOM credentials accepted.

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