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Item #: SCP-4469

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4469 is currently kept in a standard anomalous item locker in Site-19. This locker is to be locked behind a 5-digit input passcode to prevent theft. Dr. Jefferson has been chosen to personally oversee the item's safekeeping and passcode.

SCP-4469-A is confined to a low-level Safe Class humanoid chamber furnished with standard human amenities and needs.

Testing of SCP-4469's anomalous properties has been halted and is currently under consideration.

Description: SCP-4469 is a shovel covered in various handwritten signatures and names of people. Other than the vandalism on its blade, SCP-4469 is otherwise in pristine physical condition. SCP-4469 is also incapable of being damaged, as it displays no indentations or physical deformities when struck against hard and abrasive surfaces.

SCP-4469 carries a total of 12 names written across the surface of the blade. When a new name is added and written onto the blade, the oldest signature written on SCP-4469 will disappear upon a second viewing.

When used with the corresponding individual, SCP-4469 will unearth an object that the individual had lost or forgotten about1, these items often hold a high degree of emotional and personal connection to the individual.

Addendum 4469.1: Testing Log

User Item Recovered Years Forgotten
Dr. Smythe One small bronze pocket watch. Dr. Smythe claims that the item belonged to his great-grandmother and he had inadvertently sold the item in a garage sale years before. 6 years
Dr. Gerald One expired driver's license from the state of Florida, complete with Dr. Gerald's identity and former residential address. Dr. Gerald claims to have never gotten a driver's permit within the state of Florida. Undefined
Dr. Collins A crude drawing of what appears to be a young girl in a field drawn in red, green, and blue crayon. Dr. Collins states that the item was lost in a house fire with the young girl in the picture being his daughter who had perished in the fire. 6 years
Agent Kazmarek One engagement ring. The ring is white and possesses a radiant-shaped diamond cut on its band. Agent Kazmarek claims no knowledge of the item's existence. Item personally disposed of by Agent Kazmarek. Undefined
Dr. Collins A blue pencil case with floral print. Item contains various pens, pencils, erasers, and crayons with varying degrees of deterioration and signs of usage. Dr. Collins claims that the item belonged to his late daughter. Dr. Collins is later warned against the active usage of SCP-4469 and has been forbidden from testing SCP-4469's properties by research staff until granted permission. 11 years
Agent Darcy One silver dollar with a large scratch across one side of its surface. Agent Darcy did not recall the significance of the item until after much reflection later; coming to the conclusion that the item may have been his "lucky coin". 4 years
Agent Baxter A collectible action figure of the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern. Agent Baxter does not recall how the item was lost, but claimed to have played with the item as a child. 17 years
Dr. MacWarren An expired American Express credit card. Item has been maxed-out of its balance. 3 years
Dr. Kormac A framed picture of Dr. Kormac in a suit and a woman in a wedding dress standing on a church altar. Dr. Kormac claims that the woman in the photo was his first wife. Dr. Kormac claims that the picture was lost when he was forced to leave her apartment following an affair. 5 years
Agent Teller An empty bottle of Heineken lager beer. Agent Teller claims to have a strong distaste towards all Heineken products but recalled a period where he drunk his first beer during an acquaintance's party. Agent Teller does not remember why his first alcoholic beverage was Heineken despite having preferences for other brands at that time. 17 years
Dr. Collins A single pink teddy bear with the name "Sarah" crudely sewn onto its chest in red string. Dr. Collins has been reprimanded for his unprofessional behavior and unhealthy fixation on SCP-4469's qualities. Further attempts to utilize SCP-4469 without staff approval and permission will result in disciplinary action. 13 years

Addendum 4469.2: Incident

On the 24th of February, 2033, the alert for SCP-4469's container was activated by an unauthorized test. On-site personnel reported that Dr. Collins had overridden the containment unit's locks with his ID card; locking the door behind him. A breaching team was then sent to force open the chamber door.

Dr. Collins proceeded to use SCP-4469 on the test ground until stopping momentarily and then digging with his hands. Dr. Collins then pulled what appears to be a human hand from the ground before pulling all the way to reveal a single naked human female. The breaching team managed to forcefully open the door and apprehended both Dr. Collins and the female entity (designated as SCP-4469-A) on the spot.

Questioning of SCP-4469-A has revealed a background identical to that of Dr. Collins' daughter; Sarah Collins, and claims to be over 14 years of age despite appearing much older2. SCP-4469-A is also mentally consistent with that of an adolescent human. Furthermore, a genetic analysis of SCP-4469-A has revealed a high probability of being closely related to that of Sarah Collins.

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: 24/02/33

Subject: SCP-4469-A

Interviewer: Dr. Jefferson


Dr. Jefferson: Hello. How are you today?

SCP-4469-A: I'm fine, thank you.

Dr. Jefferson: That's good… what is your name?

SCP-4469-A: S- Sarah.

Dr. Jefferson: Okay Sarah, do you know your mother's first name?

SCP-4469-A: B- Bella.

Dr. Jefferson: And your father?

SCP-4469-A: Michael.

Dr. Jefferson: Alright, how old are you, Sarah?

SCP-4469-A: I'm- I'm four- (Subject looks down at herself in a bemused fashion.) Fourteen. I- I know that this isn't what it looks like but-

Dr. Jefferson: No, it's quite fine. We just want to know your answers. (Dr. Jefferson looks through his notes) So… do you know where you are?

SCP-4469-A: I'm- I don't know. An interrogation room?

Dr. Jefferson: Well, this is hardly an interrogation. More of an interview, really. Do you know how you ended up here?

SCP-4469-A: I.. I don't know. Wh- How- I don't- Wait, why can't I remember? I- No, wait, I know I- I crawled out of the ground. Someone grabbed my hand and I- I was pulled out? I- I don't know why there was so much dirt around me. Was I buried alive?

Dr. Jefferson: That question is a little too… complicated to answer. How about um… do you remember anything from before? Any memories as a child perhaps?

SCP-4469-A: I remember- wait, what kind of memories?

Dr. Jefferson: Anything. You can choose whatever you can recall the most. It doesn't have to be too specific.

SCP-4469-A: Okay, um… I remember I used to live in- in a two-story house. It was a good neighborhood and uh… I had these toys lying around in my room. I had- I had a lot of these stuffed animals and plushies. I- I remember one of them had- it had my name on it I think.

Dr. Jefferson: Was it… this one? (Dr. Jefferson brings out the toy bear with the name "Sarah" imprinted on it and gives it to the subject).

SCP-4469-A: Yeah! This- this is the one. Where did you get this?

Dr. Jefferson: We brought it over from your house. We thought it might make you feel comfortable.

SCP-4469-A: Um… thank you. I… I don't know what else to say.

Dr. Jefferson: Well, we just need you to answer one more question for us.

SCP-4469-A: What is it?

Dr. Jefferson: What do you remember when you were trapped under ground?

(SCP-4469-A does not respond to the question.)

Dr. Jefferson: Okay… that may have been a bit too complicated for you to answer in your current state… ahem… What did it feel like as you crawled out of the ground?

SCP-4469-A: Um… I- It felt like my skin was on fire. Like- not like pain but like supersensitivity. Like I could feel everything on my bare skin at once. You know how when you sit down on your legs for about half an hour and you can't feel them? And then when you let go and the blood flows back into them and you get this rush of- of, like, ticklishness? That's how it felt but- but it was pain. But it was tolerable pain. Like really small needles pricking… nipping at my skin all at once.

Dr. Jefferson: I see. That's rather curious.

SCP-4469-A: Yeah, but, that doesn't compare to being in the body of- of a grown woman.

Dr. Jefferson: Well… we don't know for sure why and how this happened. I'm sure you still have a lot of questions but that will be all for now. We need to run some tests on you first.

SCP-4469-A: Okay… um… doctor?

Dr. Jefferson: Yes?

SCP-4469-A: Where's my mom and dad?

(Dr. Jefferson pauses momentarily.)

Dr. Jefferson: They- um… they're aware of your condition but… I'm afraid that we cannot grant them access to you at this time. We- we have to conduct tests first before they're permitted.

SCP-4469-A: I- I understand. Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Jefferson: You're welcome, Sarah.


Subject was later given amnestic treatment targeted toward the memories of her parents to prevent SCP-4469-A's growing concerns of their wellbeing for her. Of note is that Dr. Collins is divorced from his late ex-wife, Bella Grimmand, following the death of their child, Sarah, in the house fire.

UPDATE: SCP-4469-A has begun to increase in intellect and intelligence. Subject's mental age is theorized to reach her normal age by late September of 2033.

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