Dogs Could Be Bigger

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A non-anomalous example of the Leonberger breed, supplied for visual reference.

Item #: SCP-4464

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Space-flight experiments involving canines are to be terminated by Foundation assets through any means necessary.

All satellite photos of the far side of the moon are to be filtered for potential evidence of SCP-4464-1, and photos of the inner solar system are to be similarly filtered for evidence of SCP-4464-2.

Description: SCP-4464 is an anomaly affecting all juvenile canines not significantly affected by Earth's gravity. The anomaly has two primary effects. Approximately 30 seconds after entering low gravity, affected canines will no longer require food, water or oxygen, and will no longer produce waste.

Following the onset of these changes, the growth rate of an affected canine will increase dramatically; while the exact scale of this increase is difficult to measure, it is estimated to be several orders of magnitude beyond normal growth. This growth continues for the normal duration of the affected canine's adolescence, until it reaches an age at which it is fully developed. Thus, the amount of growth is relative to the age of the canine prior to their being affected; fully grown canines experience no effects from SCP-4464.

SCP-4464-1 is a male Leonberger1 currently located on the far side of the moon, standing approximately 1.1km tall. It spends the majority of its time sleeping, though it occasionally throws and then chases a large rock, presumably for entertainment. Approximately once per month, SCP-4464-1 will perform motions indicating it is attempting to howl, though no sound is produced due to the lack of atmosphere.

SCP-4464-2 is a female Leonberger currently located in the approximate orbit of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It measures an estimated 55km tall and is currently curled in a sleeping position. No movement has been detected since observation began. Orbiting SCP-4464-2 are four smaller objects, believed to be Leonberger puppies measuring approximately 50m tall, collectively designated SCP-4464-3. No individual movement has been observed in these objects.

Investigations into who originally sent SCP-4464-1 and SCP-4464-2 into space are currently in progress.

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