Item #: SCP-4463

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation geological surveyors and range scientists are to be dispatched to the affected territory for data and sample collection.

For populated areas that are imminently within the radius of SCP-4463's effect, an explanation of the proceeding events is to be publicly incited by Foundation influence, using either the principles of hydrogeography (recommended for rural populations) or infrastructural failures (for urban populations) as a basis for the disinformation campaigns. Campaigns are to emphasize that the water is not fit for consumption or use.

Mobile Task Force Tau-29 ("Cultus") is tasked with preemptively reinforcing local crop fields under such campaigns by which to impede the ingress of water, and to help ensure the continuation of agricultural production.

Description: SCP-4463 is a complex water-based spatial anomaly affecting parts of the Chihuahuan desert in the state US states of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, as well as the Mexican states of Coahuila, Sonora, and Chihuahua. SCP-4463 describes the transformation of a large area of desert into an equivalent area of wetlands. According to calculations modeling the current rate of expansion, SCP-4463 is capable of flooding the North American continent within 50 years.

Since 1990, desertification of southeastern Arizona began to occur at a rate of roughly 2 km2 per month. This desertification increased at a rate of 0.5% per year until 2008, when approximately 1,200 km2 of previously arable land had been rendered incapable of bearing healthy vegetation.1 At this point, the government of Arizona considered this phenomenon an ecological disaster and enacted plans to attempt to reverse the spread of desertification. This occurred as a response to the mass protest by members of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in the nearby Tucson region beginning in November of 2006.

In August of 2008, approximately 60% of desiccated topsoil per square meter began to transform into water by an unknown anomalous effect. No causative precipitation has accompanied the transformation. At the time of writing, 45% of the previously desertified area has been transformed into mires,2 complicating and in some cases preventing human and native animal occupancy in this territory. No anomalous qualities of the resultant flora have been observed.

Chemical analyses reveal that water produced by SCP-4463 contains high concentrations of proppants3 and is consistent with known formulations of fracking fluids.4 In their observed concentrations, the chemical components are not compatible with biological life.


1. In-Field Interview: PoI 4463-1

2. Incident 4463-2
██/██/████. Reflections seen in surfaces of pools of water that originated from SCP-4463 are noted to contain visual anomalies. Reflections of the sky observed upon these surfaces include what appears by all accounts to be a stationary replica of the moon. The visual anomaly appears irrespective of the time of day and does not abide by seasonal positioning. This phenomenon is not reproducible in lab.

The reflected object is currently 200% the size of the typical lunar profile and its surface appears significantly darkened. Comparative analysis of known topographical features confirm that images of the moon’s far side and the reflected image are otherwise identical.

3. Incident 4463-3
██/██/████. An individual identified as PoI-4463-1 (see Addendum 1) is observed by stationed Foundation researchers to be wading into a body of water produced by SCP-4463. This pool is the adjacent to the abandoned town PoI-4463-1 inhabits, measures 1.5 acres, 4.5 meters in depth, and housed no known anomalous qualities on prior assessment. Update: Post-event assessment reveals no changes.

PoI-4463-1 is reported to be unclothed, of altered mental status, and initially non-responsive to attempts at communication. Personnel retrieve the individual, stabilize and process him at the nearby research outpost, and conduct the following interview:

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