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Item #: SCP-4462

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4462 is to be stored in a standard containment room at Site-17. SCP-4462 should be checked weekly for letters that may have appeared inside it to avoid damage to the letters.

Description: SCP-4462 is a typical aluminum mailbox which displays no unusual physical properties. The mailbox has some light damage, with a few dents and light water corrosion visible on the exterior. The mailbox has a slightly water damaged piece of paper taped to the top of interior, with the words "fan mail" written in black ink.

SCP-4462's only anomalous property occurs after the death of a prominent American author. Minutes after the first reports of the author's death, an envelope containing a letter addressed to the now deceased author will appear within SCP-4462. These letters are attributed to various individuals.

These individuals, when interviewed by Foundation personnel, have been found to have recently attempted to publish a work of literature, and in all cases have been rejected by a publisher. These individuals have no memory of writing the letter in question, although interviews seem to show that the letters do accurately convey the feelings of the subject about the now deceased author. Handwriting analysis shows a match with the named subject in all known instances. As the subjects have no recollection of the letter's existence, this function of SCP-4462 poses no risk to Foundation operations.

SCP-4462 was discovered attached to an abandoned property in Cross Plains, Texas. SCP-4462 contained several dozen letters in it at the time of its discovery. A Foundation member embedded in the local government intercepted the object after its contents were discovered.

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