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If you are seeing this document, please immediately report to the person listed at the top of Foundation Personnel List 8288-A.

Item #: SCP-4461

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4461 is to be contained in a non-descript box near, but preferably not directly on, a Foundation site. This location is not to be listed in any Foundation records or disclosed to any Foundation employee except this object's HMCL1. The database version of this containment file is not to includfffffffffffffffff

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The box is to be obviously marked as Foundation Property, with prominent instructions that if found, it should not be opened, but instead be delivered to the next person on Foundation Personnel List 8288-A (See Addendum 1). A physical copy of this containment file is to be printed on acid-free paper and the attached files downloaded onto non-volatile removable media. A copy is to be placed with SCP-4461 in the event the HMCL is unable to find a replacement before becoming incapacitated, or meets an unexpected death.

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In the event that the HMCL discovers any other Foundation employee (up to and including O5 personnel) is attempting to investigate SCP-4461, they are to immediately initiate the containment protocol listed in Addendum 3.


SCP-4461 before containment.

Description: SCP-4461 is a round sphere of leather, 73mm in diameter, stitched from two pieces of fitting leather scraps secured into a spherical pouch with twine. testing confirms it is filled with sand of unknown origin. Attempts to open the object for further testing do not work. it looks kinda like an acient baseball.

SCP-4461 is an infohazard. When a person in a position of leadership becomes aware of SCP-4461, they immediately become an instance of SCP-4461-A. In a matter of time ranging from several weeks to several months, the organizational structure below SCP-4461-A suffers increased inefficiency, failure, and catastrophe that grows in severity.2

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of efficiency
  • Policy violations
  • Sickness
  • Increased turnover rate
  • Accidents
  • Sudden death

Ultimately, the organizational structure reporting to SCP-4461-A will crumble. Further hierarchies under SCP-4461-A's command will also fail; notably, SCP-4461-A will not suffer these effects themselves (unless those above them in their organizational hierarchy are also affected).

other things have been tried sometimes, but didn't work. but ya know, you can't really test it without people finding out, and then everything is fucked, rite

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This effect can only be stopped by SCP-4461-A's death. Uses of amnestics on affected subjects do not slow or inhibit the effects of SCP-4461.

so i find out im the new trainee under this old guy. dean. wasn't much training. an i was SHIT at the job, right? thought I was gonna get fired, kept fuckin things up. and then one day he told me about this 4461. and told me i'd been promoted to HMCL. an i asked him what it meant and he gave me this usb sitck, told me to read the file. then he wished me good luck an was gone. never saw im again.


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