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Item#: 4460
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4460's territory has been purchased by the Foundation and redesignated as Site-440. All roads passing by or through Site-440 have been redirected, and all residents of the nearby apartment complex have been evicted.

Description: SCP-4460 is a 5 story tall factory in Nebraska, United States. Beneath the factory lie eight basement floors. The characters “ОТЕЦ” are written on the western wall of the compound in black paint. Even though SCP-4460 has been abandoned for an unknown amount of time, the above-ground stories of the compound are polished and in a working state. Objects on desks and work stations appear as though they were abandoned recently.

The objects found in SCP-4460 oppose these facts, presenting objects such as a Russian advertisement dating back to 1900 and a typewriter whose brand disbanded in 1959.1

Agent Howard inspecting a machine contained in SCP-4460. (Hover to enlarge.)

SCP-4460's interior has the appearance of a natural gas corporation, containing several natural gas advertisements and motivational posters.

Additional discoveries of this facility include a false door hidden behind a nitrous oxide2 informational poster. Behind this entrance is a flight of stairs, which lead downwards to floors B1 through B4, and closely resembles those of a steel or glass manufacturing plant. Unlike the top floors, the effects of time on the underground floors are much more clearly visible, as evidenced by the indentations, dust, grime, and corrosion covering all surfaces within. Despite their wear, the machines in the underground portion of the compound operate flawlessly.

The underground section of SCP-4460. (Hover to enlarge.)

When in the underground portion of the facility, personnel report earthquake-like vibrations which occur every 1-2 hours with an average magnitude of 2.1 on the Richter scale. These shakes are felt nowhere else in the compound. Individuals who experience these localized earthquakes immediately think that they are caused by a mysterious source of laughter. Reports of this laughter are common in personnel who experience the shaking. The following statements are those of personnel who entered the factory.

Agent Pohl: «turns around quickly, startled» Who's laughing?

Dr. Penske: «scanning the room, looking confused» What is that?

Dr. Schumacher: «visibly agitated» Is that … Who the hell is laughing? «Dr. Schumacher stops and Dr. Penske has to grab his arm to continue»

Agent Ren: That laughter is … unnerving.

After proceeding past the sixth floor down, personnel report seeing a humanoid entity, henceforth referred to as SCP-4460-A, who appears in any reflective surface. Reports of this entity include a humanoid who reflects no light, making it appear as a shadow or silhouette. SCP-4460-A does not have a head, but instead a small replica of SCP-4460 in its place. SCP-4460-A is not hostile, nor does it have any violent intent, but seems to have interest in observing personnel who enter the facility.

At the eighth basement floor is a derelict copper mine, which appears to be roughly two kilometers deep. However, ground water has seeped in, likely through irregularities or cracks in the aged stone and sediment, concealing the lower parts of the tunnels and making the true depth uncertain.3 Temperatures on floors B8 and below are as high as 48°C. Personnel proceeding this far are advised to wear protective gear capable of radiating heat away from the body efficiently. Reported encounters with SCP-4460-A are more common in this location. Noises issuing from SCP-4460-A are also apparent. These noises sound similar to those of human speech patterns, and often attempts to replicate rudimentary comedy. Although said jokes do not seem to inspire any form of laughter, SCP-4460-A acts as though it is a member or friend of any personnel who enters within the premises, often attempting to approach personnel.4 If a subject approaches within a meter of SCP-4460-A, the entity will disappear.

SCP-4460-A occasionally gestures at researchers with its two upper limbs. Often, these gestures include extending its index finger and thumb to point at personnel or placing its hands on its hips. It can be inferred that SCP-4460-A is attempting to convey human emotions such as anger, sorrow, and joy.

The comedy attempted by SCP-4460-A previously is reported to be incredibly unnerving to some members of staff, and causes the unfortunate targets to feel awash with disappointment and/or embarrassment.

Reports of "jokes" that SCP-4460-A has made in the past are recorded as follows:

WARNING: Although no cognitohazardous effects have manifested thus far, personnel report extreme disappointment and/or embarrassment while viewing. View at your own discretion.

Password received - K7Hn0O2en7Zm43qPllkImn8 - Access granted.

After leaving SCP-4460, a projection of SCP-4460-A and its associated noise follow personnel everywhere they go, henceforth described as "tethering." However, SCP-4460-A will only appear to a tethered victim if a reflective surface is within 20 meters, from which its image will be shown.

If a subject tethered to SCP-4460-A is placed in a closed cell with no form of reflective material within 20 meters, SCP-4460-A will not appear.

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