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The SCP-4458 file has been selected by the Classification Committee for testing of the experimental "Supplementary Classification Index" (SCI). For more information on this system, see the 20.11.2019 Classification Committee Memo. An abridged version has been provided below:

Item#: 4458
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Heads Assigned Task Force
USECSC4 Site-34 Meghan R. Fallon Researchers Willaimson & Kapitany MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders")


SCP-4458 under a microscope within a collected sample of water.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4458 is currently contained within the collective water transport systems of Harmony, Maine. Said transport systems have been cut off from any systems leading outside of the town. Further efforts to restrict SCP-4458's containment are ongoing. Restricting SCP-4458 to a small area (including any standard form of water containment, such as a water tank) has proven to be ineffective at containing SCP-4458, and as such is not to be attempted.

Harmony has been marked as an off-limits area under Standard Cover Story 285 ("Nuclear Waste Spill"). No civilians are to be allowed to enter the town. Should SCP-4458 at some point become fully contained and removed from the town, Harmony may be reopened to the public.

Description: SCP-4458 is a member of the species Carcharodon carcharias5 capable of manipulating its size between an observed range of 10 nanometers to 14 meters long. SCP-4458 is otherwise visibly non-anomalous, however, internal inspection has proven impossible due to its anomalous property.

SCP-4458 is hostile towards humans and will actively seek them out, often using its anomalous ability to do so. Prior to containment, SCP-4458's most common form of attack involved entering a household through a water faucet (showers, sinks, toilets, etc.) in a small size before growing to full size and consuming its target. SCP-4458 would then return to the water system through a water faucet, using the one it entered from if possible. When exiting through its entry point is not possible, SCP-4458 has shown to be able to lift toilet lids and turn on showers in order to return to the water system by using its anomalous property analogously to an appendage, doing so on average in less than 10 seconds.

Following Foundation containment, SCP-4458 has not consumed a human in approximately 2 years. While it cannot be determined for certain, this implies that either SCP-4458 does not require food, it can live for long periods of time without food, or it has found an alternative food source that the Foundation is unaware of.

Addendum 4458-a [Discovery]: Foundation agents were first alerted to the presence of SCP-4458 following reports of what was initially believed to be a series of grotesque murders in the town of Harmony, Maine. Further investigation revealed each of the reported victims died in a manner consistent with bodies bitten by sharks. By monitoring local water systems, Foundation agents discovered SCP-4458 and gained visual evidence of its existence and its anomalous capabilities.

Following several unsuccessful containment attempts (including Incident 4458-1), all residents of Harmony, Maine were evacuated from the town under the aforementioned nuclear waste spill cover story, and all citizens involved in SCP-4458 incidents were administered Class C amnestics.


SCP-4458 in containment prior to its escape during Incident 4458-1. Also pictured are Researcher Williamson (left) and Researcher Kapitany (right).

Addendum 4458-b [Incident 4458-1]: Following discovery by the Foundation, an effort was made by MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") to capture SCP-4458 through explorations of Harmony's water systems. After several unsuccessful attempts, MTF Gamma-6 agents were able to capture SCP-4458 inside a water tank which was moved above ground. During its containment in this tank, SCP-4458 began fluctuating in size rapidly before becoming inert at a normal size. SCP-4458 remained as such for approximately 24 minutes.

Following this period of being inert, SCP-4458 grew to a size of 14 meters6 in length, shattering its containment and crushing nearby structures and personnel. It then shrunk to a size of 5 meters, consumed several MTF Gamma-6 agents, then shrunk to a non-visible size. SCP-4458 was spotted inside the town's water systems shortly after.

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