No One Expects The Spanish Decommission!

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Item#: 4456-D
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SCP-4456-D during initial recovery and investigation.

Special Containment Procedures (Archived): SCP-4456 is contained in a Size 4 Anomalous Aquatic Vehicle Storage Unit (S4-AAVSU) in Site-45. After every reproduction incident, the new SCP-4456 instance is to be provided with 2,500 pounds of pure silver.

Description (Archived): SCP-4456 is an unmanned 16th-century Spanish galleon named "Soy Mi Amante"1. In terms of appearance, SCP-4456 is no different from ships of her model during the 1500s.

Every four to six days, an exact copy of SCP-4456 is generated in the nearest area of water that can hold her. If the new SCP-4456 instance is ever provided with approximately $519,0002 in gold, silver, or gemstones, she will instantly disappear.

If an SCP-4456 instance is not supplied with sufficient resources within twenty-four hours of manifestation, she will animate and become hostile, attempting to breach containment via ramming and on-board cannons.

Addendum 4456.1: During investigation into SCP-4456's origins, Foundation researchers discovered the following document, dating to circa 1500 C.E.:

Addendum 4456.2: To determine where items placed on board SCP-4456 would go, ten silver coins, designed as exact copies were created and installed with microtrackers placed within each coin. After the coins had been placed aboard an SCP-4456 instance, the tracking receiver was activated, and immediately detected all Foundation coins in the Museo Nacional del Prado. Investigation revealed that the Museum had carried the coins since 1827.

Further research by the Anomalous Chronology Department found that every time a new SCP-4456 instance is provided with sufficient resources to disappear, the Spanish government's wealth would be retroactively increased by the value of the resources placed aboard the instance. While the exact repercussions of Foundation actions are inconclusive, it is widely speculated that the Foundation may have been at least partially responsible for Spain's Price Revolution3.

Due to the large amount of money lost to SCP-4456, as well as the potential violation of laws outlined in the FIR Convention4, SCP-4456 is proposed for Decommissioning5.

The following proposal was submitted to the newly created Decommissioning Department:

Addendum 4456.3: SCP-4456 was approved for Decommissioning. The Decommissioning consisted of SCP-4456 being incinerated completely; any remains in the form of ash or char spontaneously disappeared. Decommissioning of SCP-4456-D was officially declared a success.

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